How to Reach 2.7 Billion Audiences With 1 AI Tool ( AI Video Generator )

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Did you know that in 2023, YouTube’s active users surpassed 2.7 billion? What’s fascinating is the linguistic diversity among the top 10 user countries. The United States, an English-speaking country that ranks 2nd in the top list, only had 246 million users. From this data, we realize we can take advantage by targeting not just the other top 9 countries but perhaps even the top 20 as our audience. This strategy isn’t just for your content creation, it’s a gateway to your global business expansion.

Part 1: Account & Basic Use ( Virbo AI Video Generator )
To save our time so I can deliver more information, if you are new to Virbo AI, pause this video, go to my channel, and type ‘Virbo AI’. You can learn how to create a Virbo account and use basic features from this video.

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Part 2: AI Video Translator

This AI video translator feature can take your content creation and business to the next level. Understanding how this video translator works will enable you to create your own videos or offer video translation services to generate income. Here are some use cases to inspire you:

1. Advertising: With Virbo AI, you can create advertising videos in multiple languages, maximizing engagement through localized content.
2. Content Creation: With Virbo AI, you can bridge linguistic gaps and foster broader connections with international viewers.
3. Global Corporate Communication: With Virbo AI, you can create training and development materials, customer service guides, and product demonstrations in multiple languages to optimize corporate interactions efficiently.
4. Educational Video: With Virbo AI, you can create educational content for multilingual students, making it easier for them to follow your guide in their first language.
5. Entertainment Video Creation: With Virbo AI, you can create localized movie clips, interviews, and podcasts.

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In this example, I will demonstrate how to use this translator feature to create a multilingual tutorial video.

Here’s a quick guide on how to translate your video into any language. First, open your Wondershare Virbo AI app. From the home screen, select the ‘Video Translator’ option.

Part 3: 4K Real-life AI Avatar

As you can see, my intro video was created using this feature. With this new feature, you can create videos with ultra-realistic avatars and backgrounds. To use this feature, go to the ‘Fixed Background’ menu and select your preferred template by clicking the ‘Create Video’ button.

Part 4: Audio to AI Video
Yes, now you can create a new AI video with just an audio file. Here’s a quick guide on how to do this. Open your Virbo app. Select your AI model and click the ‘Create Video’ button using your preferred video format. After the editor page opens, click the ‘Audio Script’ option.

Part 5: Video to AI Video
Use this feature to generate a new AI video from an existing video. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it. Open your Virbo app. Click Talking Photo Menu. Select your AI model and click the ‘Create Video’ button using your preferred video format.

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