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How to Quit Eating Tobacco(Gutka) – गुटखा तंबाकू छोड़ने का घरेलू नुस्खा


Tobacco is usually worse for health even after that people cannot avoid it. There are many types of tobacco now. Gutka is also present in tobacco form, where betel nut and catechu are made using other chemicals. This chemical slowly affects and wrongly affects the body.

गुटखा तंबाकू छोड़ने का घरेलू नुस्खा – Quit Eating Tobacco

The biggest risk to tobacco is cancer. Tobacco is the biggest cause of oral cancer. Don’t think about all this while eating, but you’ll be surprised to know how bad it is for you.

However, many people want to quit tobacco. But he is unable to leave it easily. Their habit forces them not to do so. Sometimes, doctors offer an expensive treatment to stop smoking, so that they don’t give up easily.

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There are many home remedies for smoking cessation, which can be easily eliminated by trying tobacco. However, to quit tobacco, the biggest thing is willpower, which is the greatest need. If you are going to maintain willpower, this can definitely happen.

Disadvantages of eating tobacco. Consuming gutka or tobacco constantly makes your teeth lose and weaken. Bacteria occur in the teeth, the color of which begins to change and gradually melts.

If you are addicted to tobacco use, you can get rid of it by trying these home remedies. You should keep celery in lemon juice and black salt for two days, after that whenever you feel a desire to drink tobacco, drink it.

Also, mix soft fennel and sugar-sweet seed and chew it slowly. Quitting smoking habit gradually may also cause you problems.

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Set a time to Quit Gutka Tobacco

If you want to quit gutka tobacco, decide a time to quit and stick to your decision. Never quit tobacco without setting a time, because you can easily revert to old habits without making any plans. So make an appointment to leave, but don’t be strict in your plan. Make yourself aware of how addictive you are, then prepare your plan accordingly.


Control your Desire to Stop Tobacco

Many people have the desire to eat tobacco gutka somewhere or work. Identify this desire and try to get rid of it. Different people have a desire to drink tobacco in several ways such as – getting up at night or after waking up in the morning, after eating or before eating, while driving, under pressure, in anger, boredom. While feeling, watching someone smoke or smoke tobacco and gutka, drinking coffee or alcohol, after sex, while watching TV, etc.

If you eat tobacco gutka multiple times throughout the day, you should gradually reduce the amount of tobacco gutka. Don’t stay with your friends who eat tobacco gutka or refuse to eat together. Don’t go to the place where you buy tobacco or the place where all of these things are found. This way, you will be able to control your desire.

If you want to drink tobacco again, seek advice or assistance from your family and friends. After gradually reducing the amount of tobacco, finally, make sure that you have stopped smoking while you are sure to quit.

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