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How to protect your child from Viral Fever | Health Tips

Autumn has arrived with Sharadiya Navratri and at the moment the weather is changing rapidly across the country. Whereas there was a hot summer 1-2, the weather has cooled down due to sudden heavy rains. Even in the parts of the country where there has been no rain, the weather has taken a sudden turn and due to the light cold air, the weather has changed and it has started feeling cold during the morning and night. This type of changing season troubles the viral fever the most. A little carelessness can make you sick.

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Symptoms of viral fever

Well, viral fever can happen to anyone, but since the immunity of young children is weak, so viral fever takes them first. In such a situation, if your child has a high fever, burning sensation in the eyes, headache, body ache and vomiting, then understand that your child is in the grip of viral fever. In such a situation, instead of doing self-medication, contact a doctor immediately and get the necessary medicines.

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Causes of viral fever

  • When an infected person coughs or sneezes, his germs also engulf the other person.
  • The child may be vulnerable to viral fever even when coming in contact with a person suffering from viral fever or having bodily fluids exchange.
  • Infections of viral fever, insects or insects that carry a baby can cause viral fever.

How to protect a child from viral fever

  • If the child is suffering from viral then as far as possible allow the child to rest a lot
  • Do not let the amount of water and fluids decrease, it will also help in dealing with viral fever.
  • Do not skip the dose of the medicine prescribed by the doctor, complete the course
  • Keep your children away from contact with children who already have a cold, cough, cold
  • A balanced diet is also necessary to keep children fit and healthy, do not feed children anything outside.
  • Take care of cleanliness. Wash the hands of children well, wear clean clothes, teach them to stay clean
  • Do not just eat salt, take a bath

There is no taste of eating food without salt. But do you know that if you put salt in water while taking a bath, then you can avoid many kinds of diseases from it? Yes, taking a bath with salt water is like taking away the disease. It also cures many diseases and infections.

When you have a fever, take rock salt and take a bath with lukewarm water. In a bucket of lukewarm water, use two teaspoons of salt, 1 teaspoon coconut oil in a bath. Bathing this water helps a lot in getting cold and fever.

Not only this, but muscle pain can also be cured by taking a bath with salt water. Saltwater bath also removes calcium deficiency in the body and makes bones and nails strong.

Taking a bath with salt water ends the itching problem. Along with this, good sleep is also possible, so that people suffering from insomnia can also get rid of the problem.

Bathing with salt water is good for physical as well as mental health. After bathing with this water you feel more calm, happy and relaxed. This is a great stress buster. It also increases mental peace.

Beneficial for leg muscles

The feet have the highest pressure on the body. They move most of the time and provide support to the body. This makes the muscles here soft and blisters due to footwear. Bathing with salt water relieves muscle pain and stiffness. In addition, it also removes the deodorant of the feet.

Many minerals and nutrients are found in saltwater that makes your skin young. Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bromide, sodium enter the skin pores which clean the skin surface and make it healthy and shiny. Taking a bath with salt water removes toxic substances from the skin and deeply cleanses the skin. Saltwater removes bacteria from the skin and makes it young.

Regularly bathing with salt water reduces stains and wrinkles. The skin becomes soft and soft and it balances the skin moisturizer.

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