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14 Effective Tips for Taking a Civil Service Exam

The CSE exam is not a difficult test, but if you take it gently and without proper preparation, you reduce the likelihood that your name will be listed on the registry of qualifiers, in short, you are considered a failure.

But, not to worry, this video will guide you to pass the Custom Search Engine.

1. Spend a good time reviewing or self-reviewing several days or weeks before the test until you are well prepared. Remember, “A soldier never goes to the battlefield without sufficient ammunition – this is suicide.” A soldier with full combat equipment has more chance of survival in that combat zone. Much like taking an exam, an examinee who has more than enough preparation has a higher chance of passing the test.

2. Before that, prepare the things you will need during the examination, such as pencils, a ballpoint pen, an eraser, your test pass, some snacks for your stomach, and of course yourself. Get to know the test center and really set the room so you know where to go and get there in time.

3. Eat the best breakfast before going to the test center. You not only nourish your stomach, but you also create a healthy mind. Remember, the test will last for half a day, and not only will it cost you time, but it will also drain your energy. You may also suffer from exhaustion due to heavy brain exercise.

4. Don’t come late. They say “the early bird catches the worm,” and that may be true.
However, you can have some time to relax if you are early. An allowance of 40 minutes should suffice.

5. Do not forget your exam number as much as necessary information about you – the examinee. Certainly, you want to see your name in the flagship post when the result appears.

6. Listen to test coaches. Follow their instructions carefully, and they will tell you everything, regarding the exam, and what you need to do before, during, and after the exam. For example, do not open the test booklet unless instructed otherwise.

7. Practice appropriate shading techniques. You are already very used to this. Make sure to only shade to the last digit of the last question. The total number of shaded answers should correspond to the total number of test items. You will end up failing if you remain hyperactive.

8. For each group of test items, follow the given directions.

9. Do not leave any test item unanswered unless instructed otherwise. If you don’t really know the answer, you’ll have to guess well, but you rarely do.

10. Avoid any wiping as much as possible to prevent any damage to the answer sheet. If you really need to change the answer, do so gently.

11. Don’t waste much time answering a single question. Make sure to manage your time accordingly so that you don’t end up with any unanswered items.

12. Before the exam, make sure that you do not need to go to the bathroom. This will prevent you from wasting time on other matters

13. Relax and enjoy your time taking the test, as if it were the last time you were going. (You don’t want to take it again, do you?) This means you’ve already made the proper preparations.

14. Finally, before the exam, get down on your knees, put your hands together and pray. This is one of your best tricks.

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