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What is a Mutual Fund? How can you invest in Mutual Funds?


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Do you invest in Mutual Fund plans? How can you invest in Mutual Funds? It is very important to know the mutual fund before investing. This will help you in making investment decisions.

Money is so important in all our lives for sustenance, but it is not necessary that if we earn good money today, we will always continue to earn, regardless of that there are many occasions in our family life when we need more money together.

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What is a Mutual Fund?

As the name implies, what happens? It is a fund in which a lot of investor money is pooled together. This group of funds managed to earn the highest possible profits.

Simply put, Mutual Funds are a fund made up of a lot of money. Where the money invested is used to invest in different places and it is tried that the investor gets the maximum profit from his money.

It is a fund that raises the funds of a large number of investors who have a common goal. Consequently, these funds invest in various options such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and/or other securities. Each investor has units that are part of the fund’s value.

The income/profit resulting from this collective investment is distributed to the investors in the correct proportions. After calculating the “net asset value” or net asset value of the system, some expenses are also deducted from this amount. Simply put, the investment fund is the most feasible option for the average man, which gives him an opportunity to invest in different types of professionally managed securities, which also cost relatively less.

How to invest in a Mutual Fund?

You can invest directly from the Mutual Fund website. If you wish, you can also use the Mutual Fund Adviser service.

If you are investing directly, you can invest in the direct plan of the mutual fund system. If you are investing with the assistance of a consultant, you are investing in a regular plan for a mutual fund scheme.

How many types of mutual funds exist in the country?

  • Equity funds
  • Debt investment fund

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  • Mixed investment fund
  • A solution-oriented mutual fund

Equity funds

These schemes invest investor money directly in investment stocks. In the short term, these schemes may be risky, but in the long run, they help you earn the best returns. Your return on investment in this type of mutual fund scheme depends on how the stock is performing.

Investors whose financial goal will be completed after 10 years, can invest in this type of mutual fund system. There are also 10 different types of stock fund schemes.

Debt investment fund

These schemes invest funds to invest in debt securities. Investors can invest in them to achieve short-term financial goals. There is nothing wrong with investing in it for less than five years. Mutual fund plans are less risky than stocks and offer better returns than banks ’fixed deposits.

Mixed Mutual Fund plan

These mutual fund plans invest in both stocks and debt. While choosing these charts, it is important that investors pay attention to their ability to take risks. The hybrid fund system is divided into six categories.

A solution-oriented mutual fund

Solution-oriented mutual fund plans are developed according to a specific goal or solution. These might be goals such as retirement plans or a child’s education. You must invest in these plans for at least five years.

Advantages of Mutual Fund

  • People of any class can invest in that. Because at least 500 to 5,000 rupees can be invested in a mutual fund.
  • At MutuFund, people can invest in various schemes according to their risk tolerance.
  • MutuFund savings help with marriage plans, child education, and retirement.
  • Chances are good returns.

Disadvantages of Mutual Fund

  • Profit is never constant.
  • The risk increases with the number of investments.
  • Investing without full knowledge of MutuFund can be risky.
  • Good returns are not possible on low investment.

Others benefits of Mutual Funds

Although there are many areas of mutual funds, today I will try to give you full information about the important fields.

Professional management

The money you invest in mutual funds is managed by mutual fund experts with their expertise and skills.

Before investing this money, they search the fund in which the money is collected and the information is collected, and if after that according to the information collected from them, they only invest.


The main motto of Safe Investing is that instead of putting your money in one place, distribute it in many places and invest in many places. Each pool invests money in different places.

Good money can be invested not only in other companies but also in other sectors or perhaps companies of different sizes. This gives maximum protection to investors.

Ease or comfort

You can easily invest in mutual funds. You can also withdraw money from funds easily. To invest, you must fill out a form that you can fill out online or offline or anywhere.

After that, you can sell or buy money either online or offline. Mutual funds have many options as well as many facilities.


The share price of large companies is very high. Often you want to invest in those companies, but you are unable to do so due to your low budget. While many people have the money together in mutual funds, your money is invested in big companies.

And your money earns more profits there. Mutual funds are not only a means for large investors but small ones to invest in large companies through mutual funds.

Tax benefits

When you invest in the stock market, you have to pay tax to buy or sell stocks. But in mutual funds, you get a tax exemption.

In some funds, you do not have to pay any tax on your earnings for a certain period. Tax exemption is also a very popular reason.

Before investing in mutual funds, collect all documents and all information related to the funds. You will be responsible for any damage.

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