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History of World War 1 in One Take | History Bombs

History of World War 1

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History of World War 1 (in One Take) by History Bombs

History Bombs Cast
Presenter: Chris Hobbs
Gavrilo Princip/British Soldier: Tom Dangerfield
Kaiser Wilhelm II/British Soldier: Jackson Davies
Tsar Nicholas II: Ed Gamble
General Joffre/British Volunteer Nurse: Lucy Fennell
British Officer: Kieran Barton
General Kitchener/Vladimir Lenin: Tom Tokley
British Messenger/American Soldier: Freddy Waller

History Bombs Crew

Producer, Writer, Music: Chris Hobbs
Production Manager: Claire O’Brien
Director: Ellie Rogers
Steadicam Operator: Ilana Garrard
Focus Puller: Finn Margrie-Jones
Camera Assistant: Christian Leake
Costumes: Hampshire Wardrobe
Pyrotechnics: Paul Heddell

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