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History of Rameshwar Temple and its sacred beliefs

Rameshwar Temple is located on the coast of Sethu in Tamil Nadu on Rameswaram Island, where it is reached by sea via Pamban Bridge. Rameswaram is famous for its long ornate arcades and towers and 36 massive temple shrines.

Rameswaram Temple is one of the sacred religious pilgrimage sites for Hindus. Located in the Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu, this temple is one of four women Hindu believers believe that travel to the four dirhams (Badrinath, Janathbury, Dadharaka and Ramiswaram Yatra) reaches salvation.

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Rameshwar Temple history and sacred beliefs

The history and temple of Rameswaram temple are many. The story of Lord Rama’s return to Lanka is linked to the establishment of this sacred house at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Peninsula.

According to Ramayana, it is believed that when Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, restored his righteous wife Sita Maya by destroying the Great Devil, then he was said to have committed the sin of killing Brahman, after which he got rid of this sin. Some counselors and saints advised him to worship Lord Shiva.

However, there was no Shiva temple on the island, so Lord Rama decided to establish Shivalinga in Rameswaram. After that, Pawansoot Hanuman Ji was sent to Mount Kailash to bring the idol of Shiva.

After Lord Rama’s orders, Hanuman Ji went to get a Shiva statue, but he was late to return. After that he built Mata Sita Shivling from the sand lying on the beach.

This is known as Shivling as “Ramnath” after this Lord Rama worshiped this Shivalinga with total dedication and dedication to get rid of the sin of killing Ravana and also established Shivalinga that Hanuman Ji brought there. It is one of the main Jyotirlingas of Lord Shankar, to which the faith of millions of worshipers is associated.

Attractive design and architecture of Rameshwaram temple

Rameshwam Temple, one of the major sacred pilgrimage sites for Hinduism, is also known for its attractiveness and attractive design. It is a very attractive and beautiful sample of Indian building art.

This temple is 1,000 feet long and 650 feet wide and the entrance to the temple is 40 meters high, so different and very beautiful artifacts are made on the column. This temple was built in Dravida architectural style.

In this temple there are Schipling of Mata Sita and two languages ​​that Lord Hanuman brought from Mount Kailash. The Ramswaram temple pass is the longest pass in the world.

Facts about Rameshwaram temple

  • In Hindu theology and Puranas, the name Rameshvam is called Gandhamadan Parvat. It was here that Lord Rama created Navagraha. The bridge started from here. A swimming pool called Jata Tirtha is located a short distance from this temple.
  • Shri Ram has created Navagraha here. The bridge started from here. Setubandh also started from here.
  • There is also a belief about Ramishwaram temple that by diving here, all diseases are removed and all sins are freed.
  • In this place, Mother Durga Maheshasura was killed.
  • There is also a belief behind the visit of Ramishwam Tertham that just a visit here liberates a person from all sins and fulfills every wish that he wished in this temple with a pure mind.
  • This famous place is located at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, it is of special importance to bring the water of the ganga from Gangotri in Uttarakhand and present it to Schiffling. On the other hand, if the pilgrims who come to visit Rumswaram do not own the water of the Ganga, then the pandas on this pilgrimage take Dakshina and supply the water of the Ganga to the worshipers.
  • Rameswaram Temple is the tallest path in the world.

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  • There is a group called Gata Tirtha, a short distance from Ramswaram, where Sri Rama washed his hair after fighting with Ravana in Lanka.
  • There are also temples dedicated to many other deities in the Ramswaram temple and 22 sources of holy water.
  • The first and most important place of pilgrimage in Hindus is known as Agni Tirtha.
  • Other sights near Rameshwar Temple are Sakshi Vinayak, Ekantram Temple, Sitakund, Amritvatika, Vibhishana Tirtha, Nandikeshwar, Madhav Kund, Ramatirtha, etc. Setu. Apart from this, there is a place called Dhanushkoti, a place called Pietro-Milan and its Tartha Tradha, about 30 km from here.
  • Mahashivaratri festival is celebrated with great pageantry at Rameshwam Temple.
  • Rameswaram Temple, one of the four major shrines, has the faith of millions of worshipers. Every year there is a flow of faith and sanctification. This famous pilgrim center can be easily reached by road, rail and air.

It is believed that when Lord Rama Ravana was defeated, he planned to worship Lord Shiva for repentance because Brahmin died from his hands.

Hanuman was sent to Kailash to worship Shiva so that he could bring his linguistic form there, but by the time Hanuman returned, he made Sita Mata sand from the sand.

Vishoalinga was eating the linga that Hanuman brought while he was called linga, which was made by Sita Ramalinga. Vishwalinga is still worshiped before Ramalinga by order of Lord Rama.

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