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HEALTH AND FITNESS ROUTINE FOR 2021! Getting Back on Track for the New Year


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Health and fitness routine for 2021! Get back on track for the new year

Hey, my favorites, today’s video is all about my health and fitness goals and my routine for New Year 2021, yeah baby! I share with you my tips and tricks, new workout routines, my favorite HIIT session, healthy snacks/meals, and this app that helped me so much in my workouts! Hope you find this useful and liked this video if you enjoyed it

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Timestamps ✰

00:00 – Introduction
3 o’clock – exercise routine
05:15 – HIIT session
7:06 – healthy eating
08:16 – Protein Ball Recipe
10:06 – How to be in the framework of the right mind
12:08 – Favorite fitness app
13:33 – random tips
15:00 – Best Protein Shake Recipe


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