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Health And Fitness Goals 2021 (A Simple and Effective Reset)

Health And Fitness Goals 2021

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This is a simple and effective reset! We are using the Pareto Principle to recognize what worked, increase it and release the rest, creating space for aligned and intended actions in 2021. We have prepared ourselves to achieve success in our 2021 health and fitness goals! This deliberate resetting of life is our starting line for a healthy, relevant, and meaningful 2021. Greetings for the fun, simple, and effective progression forward in our 2021 health and fitness goals! Click here to receive my free intentional life reset guide where we do quarterly resets on all domains together: …

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Trailer: (0:00)
Pareto Principle: (0:38)
Mindfulness practice: (1:23)
80% unhelpful efforts for 2020
Morning routine: (1:59)
Spending (2:58)
Weightlifting (3:18)
Dining Table (4:33)
The Truth (5:02)
Responsibility (7:17)
Resistance (7:32)
20% beneficial efforts for 2020
Inspiration (8:52)
Walks (9:33)
Accountability Group (10:44)
Water (11:52)
Fitness Equipment (12:04)
Nutrition (12:34)
Next Reset: Finance (13:47)


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