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Learn About the Hair Transplant Risk and Precautions| Health Advice


Hair Transplant Risk and Precautions | Learn about the risks of hair transplantation | Learn about the needs of hair transplantation | Causes of Hair Loss Problem | Risks of transplantation | Risks, and Needs of Hair Transplantation

It is estimated that a person has about more than lakh hair in his head. 90% of these hairs fall out. But for some reason, hair loss continues quickly, but new hair does not come out. In such a person begins to bald. Even after many types of efforts, people do not grow hair, but rather grow hair. Learn about the various aspects of hair transplantation.

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Learn About the Risks and Needs of Hair Transplantation

Talk about allergy surgery, and many tests are necessary.

Hair transplantation is as risky as other surgeries. But this risk can be reduced by taking precautions. Every hair is applied in it. In this case, it takes about 6-7 hours. The patient has an unconscious injection.

If you give anesthesia for a period longer than this, the risk increases. Several safety tests including blood, allergies, and ECG are performed before implantation. If anyone has ever had an allergy or had surgery, tell your doctor.

Causes of Hair Loss

In many hair transplant centers, technicians do this instead of doctors. Do not let this happen. The transplant should only take place after knowing the doctor’s eligibility because qualified doctors know the advantages and disadvantages. Many patients suffer from diabetes, blood pressure, or other diseases.

Heredity is the main cause of hair loss. Besides, poor nutrition, high pressure, some diseases, hormonal imbalance, and reaction to medications also cause hair loss. After controlling for these problems, the hair transplant is performed. Doctors also look at critical care.

Surgery in a Beauty Salon is Dangerous

There is no law for hair transplantation. Therefore, hair transplants also occur in many beauty salons. Where there is no surgery or emergency to deal with the situation. Transplantation in such places can be fatal.

Transplantation occurs in Two Ways

This happens in two ways.

Hair transplant risk and precautions

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First, follicular unit extraction (FUE), and second, implant the liposome unit (FUT). In FUE, two or two hairs are placed from the donated part while in FUT a strip is removed from the hair. It also requires stitches. In both, the hairs are removed by the cells until the cells become active after the transplant.

Be Careful.

Special precautions are taken up to 1 week after implantation. So there is no infection. It must be protected from dust, dirt, and sweat. Do not wear hats, helmets, or wigs. Doctors only show how to wash hair. Some lotions and antibiotics are given. The preparation should be applied to the affected part.

Some of the Risks of Transplantation

  • Pain – A little pain is common. If there is severe pain, tell your doctor.
  • Numbness – The area affected by depilation can remain numb for 3-18 weeks. If it is more golden, you should show it to the doctor right away.
  • Bleeding – Bleeding can occur during transplantation. In some people, it is faster than some people.
  • Swelling – swelling of the face and forehead is common. But if there is more inflammation, seek medical treatment immediately.

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  • Ulcers – in this, when the roots of the hair are damaged and penetrate into the skin, ulcers may occur but not fatal.
  • Infection – sometimes inadequate and dirty equipment can lead to infection. Take care of hygiene.
  • Thinning hair – if the hair does not appear properly, it later begins to fall out and fall out. Many people may develop baldness again.
  • Rapid itching – after implantation, itching and itching on the head begins. Some soften shampoo, etc. Some problems can be serious.


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