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Google will help you pronounce difficult words – Technology Updates

A new search feature uses advanced voice recognition and machine learning to offer comments.

Google wants to facilitate the learning of word pronunciations. Today, he introduced a new search feature that will allow users to practice speaking difficult words. When you search for a pronunciation, Google(Google will help you pronounce difficult words) will give you an answer, and when you say the word on the microphone of your phone, Search will inform you if you said it correctly.

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According to Google(Google will help you pronounce difficult words), the function uses voice recognition technology to divide spoken words into individual sound fragments. Then, use machine learning to know if your pronunciation was correct, and offer specific comments on the syllable. This feature is implemented today in American English, and a Spanish version will arrive soon.

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Google is also adding images to dictionary definitions. It will begin with nouns in English, such as seal and avocado. It will eventually expand to all language translations.


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