Google My Business SEO | Dominate Google Maps and Rank

Google My Business SEO | Dominate Google Maps and Rank

Google My Business SEO

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Google My Business is one of the most powerful free marketing tools local businesses can leverage in order to increase leads and sales.

Today we talk about the step-by-step process for Google My Business SEO and how you can take control of Google Maps and rank # 1 on Google. Local SEO is an important process for increasing local visibility on Google Search and Google Maps.

Here are the seven steps we follow:

► Step 1: Signup / Login to Google My Business. 01:05

► Step 2: Update and improve the information. 02:16

► Step 3: Google My Business Reviews. 05:58

► Step 4: Add photos and videos (geolocation). 07:02

► Step 5: Add and Optimize Posts. 10:40

► Step 6: Optimize on-page SEO. 12:21

► Step 7: Off-page SEO. 15:58

This process will help your local business and Google My Business to arrange triple package listings or map packs on Google Maps. Be consistent with updating your business information and Google My Business posts. Over time, this will propel your list high on Google Maps.

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