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Google Maps latest update gives you more control over your profile: how to update

Google Maps users can now edit their names and add a description of their profiles. Here’s how to use the new function.

Google has begun to implement a new update for Google Maps users on the Android platform. Google Maps now allows users to edit the name and add a description in the profile. The latest update also allows users to verify how other users view their contributions on Google Maps.

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In addition to the name and biography, Google Maps users can now also edit their profile photos. So far, it is linked to your Google account. To access the new feature, Google Maps users must touch the side menu and detect a new “Your profile” section. The section also gives you access to a “Profile Settings”. Here, you can edit some important privacy settings, such as location history, delete all location history, an toggle button (disabled by default) to share your profile with companies.

Google Maps latest update gives you more control over your profile: how to update

According to AndroidPolice, the new update is being implemented “server side” for Maps users. If it is not available in your account, it should be available in the next few days. Meanwhile, you can always download the latest APK version from Google Maps.

The latest Google Maps update comes shortly after Google launched an incognito mode for the application. The function, as the name implies, allows users to use the application without Google controlling it. The function also prevents Google from personalizing the experience for you.

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When you activate Maps incognito mode, your Maps activity on that device, such as the places you are looking for, will not be saved in your Google account and will not be used to personalize your Maps experience,” Google said in a publication of blog last month.

Google Maps incognito mode is now available for Android users and will soon be available for iOS users.


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