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These general knowledge questions and puzzles will generate willpower in your mind! A lot of interesting facts and general knowledge will increase your general knowledge, fun teasers will boost your IQ. If you can’t concentrate and feel exhausted all the time, try solving tricky riddles for at least 20 minutes a day and after a few weeks, you will notice changes in your critical thinking and logical skills. will see!

00:14 – A tricky picture puzzle to find out which hemisphere dominates in your brain. Just look at the pictures and answer the questions without blinking. Keep your choice in mind and get your result at the end of the video!
03:37 – Who is a fake doctor? Look carefully and try to find them all in these photo riddles!
04:50 – A difficult detective puzzle with three questions that you will have to answer! This quiet detective story will challenge your mind and will use all the power of your mind. Only a true detective can answer all three questions, so this is a good chance to test yourself!
07:36 – A bunch of interesting facts to enhance your general knowledge 🙂 A topic to talk about with your friends
09:31 – Mrs. Murphy is robbed! Help the policeman find the thief! Be observant and turn your argument over to do it on time!
10:45 – It is fascinating and completely mind-blowing how many things are happening on earth right now! Can you remember 2 or 3 things in the world right now? Share your thoughts in the comments and then check out this amazing trivia to get some more!
11:59 – A cool visual puzzle that will test your memory and general knowledge base in just 2 minutes. Only one genius will answer at least 2/3 of these quiz questions, so I failed almost all of them. Will you succeed
14:19 – Who is lying? A logic puzzle and personality quiz – 2 in 1 to boost your mind;) Share your answer in the comments below!

Let me answer your answer to the last quiz! …

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