General Science Physics Questions and Answers

General Science Physics MCQ Quiz – Objective General Knowledge (GK) Question with Answer

Latest General Science Physics MCQs Objective Questions

Q1. Which of these physical quantities is a vector quantity?

[A] Gravitational Intensity
[B] Work
[C] Temperature
[D] Speed

Answer: [A] Gravitational Intensity

Q2. The heating element in an electric heater is made of which metal?

[A] Lead
[B] Silver
[C] Nichrome
[D] None of the above

Answer: [C] Nichrome

Q3. Which of the following is not a unit of mass?

[A] Dine
[B] Pound
[C] kg
[D] Village

Answer: [A] Dine

Q4. Which of these parts of the ear responds to sound waves like the diaphragm of a microphone?

[A] Lobe
[B] Fluid in the inner ear
[C] Eardrum
[D] Pinna

Answer: [C] Eardrum

Q5. The process of transferring charge from a charged object to the earth is called ___.

[A] Terraforming
[B] Earthing
[C] Neutralisation
[D]More than one of the above

Answer: [B] Earthing

Q6. What is the minimum clear vision/viewing distance?

[A] 10 cm
[B] 15 cm
[C] 20 cm
[D] 25 cm

Answer: [D] 25 cm

Q7. Which of the following is true according to the second law of thermodynamics?

[A] Efficiency of a heat engine can never be unity
[B] Efficiency of a heat engine is always unity
[C] Efficiency of a heat engine can never be zero
[D] None of the above

Answer: [A] Efficiency of a heat engine can never be unity

Q8. At what point on Earth is there no gravity?

[A] At equator
[B] On the ocean surface
[C] At North and South Pole
[D] At centre of the Earth

Answer: [D] At centre of the Earth

Q9. The satellite continues to move in its orbit around the Earth, due to –

[A] Centrifugal Force
[B] Centripetal Force
[C] Gravitational Force or lack of it
[D] Some other Forces

Answer: [B] Centripetal Force

Q10. What do we call the phenomenon of diffraction of light when it is transmitted indirectly from one medium to another?

[A] Convergence
[B] Reflection
[C] Refraction
[D] Dispersion

Answer: [C] Refraction

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