General Science Biology Questions and Answers

General Science Biology MCQ Quiz – Objective General Knowledge Question with Answer

Latest General Science Biology MCQs Objective Questions

Q1. Who is known as the father of Zoology?

[A] Theophrastus
[B] Darwin
[C] Aristotle
[D] Lamark

Answer: [C] Aristotle

Q2. What vitamin acts as an antioxidant?

[A] Vitamin C
[B] Vitamin D
[C] Vitamin A
[D] More than one of the above

Answer: [A] Vitamin C

Q3. Which of the following is not a characteristic of gymnosperms?

[A] Perennial plants
[B] Parallel venation
[C] Xylem with vessels
[D] Distinct branches

Answer: [C] Xylem with vessels

Q4. The energy released from 1 gram of glucose –

[A] 2kcal
[B] 3kcal
[C] 4 kcal
[D] 5kcal

Answer: [C] 4 kcal

Q5. Which of the following organisms breathes through the skin?

[A] Snake
[B] Monkey
[C] Earthworm
[D] Humans

Answer: [C] Earthworm

Q6. What disease is not considered a cause of animal illness?

[A] Deficiency diseases
[B] Genetic diseases
[C] Hygiene and cleanliness
[D] Environmental discomforts

Answer: [C] Hygiene and cleanliness

Q7. The corners of the collenchyma cells in plants increase in thickness due to the deposition of ___.

[A] Cellulose and pectin
[B] Suberin and cutin
[C] Chitin and lignin
[D] Lignin and suberin

Answer: [A] Cellulose and pectin

Q8. The outer whorl is called the ___ and consists of the sepals.

[A] Corolla
[B] Calyx
[C] Gynaecium
[D] Androecium

Answer: [B] Calyx

Q9. Bone deformities occur as a result of excessive consumption

[A] Potassium
[B] Fluorine
[C] Phosphorus
[D] Fatty acid

Answer: [B] Fluorine

Q10. Which of the following is the highest source of protein?

[A] Wheat
[B] Grams
[C] Sunflower
[D] Soybean

Answer: [D] Soybean

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