General Knowledge Questions And Answers For Class 9

General Knowledge for Class 9 – General knowledge(GK) is very important for students from any class. Knowing different things from different things will help students stay aware and build their confidence. Awareness about different fields will instill interest in students so that they can make a sound professional option for themselves.

General knowledge helps in the general development of students. He adds to their personality and enhances their logical and analytical skills and thinking.

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List of GK Questions for Class 9 with Answers

Below is achieved by GK questions and answers for class 9 that are based on biology, physics, chemistry, history, geography, etc., including current affairs. Here we collected GK questions for Class 9 students along with answers. Read this blog to add it to your store of knowledge.


General Knowledge for Class 9 with Answers

In which Indian state is Chauri Chaura village located?
: Uttar Pradesh
When was the first International Yoga Day celebrated?
: Year 2015
Where is the Reserve Bank of India located?
: Mumbai
Name the component of blood that fights infection.
: WBC (White Blood Cells)
In which state is Chilka Lake located?
: Odisha
Who founded the Mauryan Empire?
: Chandragupta Maurya
How many cells are present in a human heart?
: 4 (Four)
In which state of India is the Hornbill festival observed?
: Nagaland
What was the name of the mother of Indira Gandhi?
: Kamala Nehru
Which author wrote Kadambari?
: Banabhatta

General Knowledge for Class 9 Questions and Answers

What is the outermost part of a flower called?
: Sepal

Which gas is filled in an electric bulb?
: Nitrogen gas

In which state is the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary situated?
: Karnataka

In which of the following countries are the Kermadec Islands located?
: New Zealand

Which of the following country has the highest total number of Military Personnel?
: Vietnam

With which sport is the Santosh Trophy associated?
: Football

What is the capital of Ukraine?
: Kyiv (Kiev)

Which institution releases the World Migration Report?
: International Organization of Migration

Which of the following rivers is known as the “father of African rivers”?
: Nile

The second Buddhist Council was presided over by whom?
: Sabakami

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