General Knowledge Questions And Answers For Class 7

General knowledge for class 7: This GK quiz will help children explore information and, in turn, expand their knowledge, develop a deeper understanding of the world, become self-confident, improve their problem-solving skills, and become innovative.

General Knowledge Quiz for Class 7 GK Questions and Answers here. We have covered almost all types of subjects like History, Social Studies, Geography, Environmental Science, Civics-Politics, Science, Sports, etc. Check out the complete list of GK questions for class 7 students here. Practice questions and answers and improve your general knowledge through these questions.

General Knowledge Questions And Answers For Class 6

Highlight of Basic General Knowledge for Class 7 Only

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Top 30 INDIA GK Questions and Answers for Class 7

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In today’s video, The World of GK will go through some of the top general knowledge questions and answers that will keep you ahead of everyone else.

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Class 7 students can improve their general knowledge by practicing the questions and answers provided here. We have compiled these questions keeping in mind different fields. Having good general knowledge increases a student’s confidence and enhances his logical, analytical, and thinking skills.

List of GK Questions for Class 7 with Answers

Below is a list of GK questions and answers in English for the 7th class, which will be useful in the future. These questions can help you increase awareness and knowledge.

General Knowledge for Class 7 with Answers

When is National Sports Day celebrated in India?
: August 29
Name the first airline to use the “sun-to-liquid” duel in the world.
: Swiss Airlines
What is the square of 1764?
: 42
What are the 5 Oceans?
: Seven
Who is the inventor of the refrigerator?
: William Cullen
The side of a cube is a. What is the volume?
: a*a*a
Where is Mouling National Park situated?
: Arunachal Pradesh
Which Vitamin is known as anti sterility vitamin?
: Vitamin E
What does the atomic number 26 represent?
: Iron
Rh factor is present in
: Blood

General Knowledge for Class 7 Questions and Answers

Name a non-metal which is also an electrical conductor.
: Graphite

Who was the founder of India’s Mughal dynasty?
: Babur

Name the currency used in Belgium.
: Euro

DNA is made up of repeating subunits called
: Nucleotides

When did India enact the Wildlife Protection Act?
: 1972

The horizontal demand curve parallel to the x-axis implies that the elasticity of demand is:
: Infinite

What is any number raised to power 1?
: The number itself

Who has the authority to declare a “Global Emergency”?
: World Health Organisation (WHO)

What is the world’s largest lake?
: Caspian Sea

Who was the first woman to become the President of India?
: Pratibha Patil

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