General Knowledge Questions And Answers For Class 6

General knowledge for class 6 is specially designed keeping in mind the topics present in the world and in our country. You may not have seen some of the questions, but be sure to try them. So let’s start the GK Quiz with questions for Class 6.

These GK questions may seem difficult to some students in 6th grade but they are very important for their studies. By solving such questions, you can improve your general knowledge.

General Knowledge Questions And Answers For Class 5

Highlight of Basic General Knowledge for Class 6 Only

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For Kids Class 1 – 6 बच्चों के लिए टॉप 100 GK

Top 100 GK Questions for Class 1-6 | Kids GK

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Here is a selective and important GK question with answers for all types of competitive exams. This question has been asked in competitive exams.

List of GK Questions for Class 6 with Answers

Below is a list of GK Questions with Answers in English for Class 6 which will help them in their future. Parents can now rest assured that their child will get the opportunity to gain more awareness through GK sample questions for Class 6.

General Knowledge for Class 6 with Answers

When is World Health Day observed?
: April 7
What is the total distance around a figure?
: The perimeter of a surface
Where is the Bhakra Nangal Dam located?
: Himachal Pradesh
How many seaports are there in India?
: 13
Where is the Raimona Reserve forest situated?
: Assam
What is a figure with 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 sides called?
: Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon, Nonagon, Decagon respectively
How many cards are there in a playing deck?
: 52 cards
Who is known as “Jawahar of Uttarakhand”?
: Jagmohan Singh Negi
Who founded the Kushana Empire in India?
: Kujula Kadphises
Which of the following was known as Ajatshatru?
: Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Which country built Talgo, which is a high-speed train?
: Japan

General Knowledge for Class 6 Questions and Answers

When did the First World War take place?
: 1914

How many degrees are there in a circle?
: 360 degrees

What is the other name of the perimeter of a Circle?
: Circumference

In which country are the BIMSTEC Headquarters located?
: Dhaka, Bangladesh

For which invention is James T Russel famous for?
: Compact Disk

Who is known as the ‘Human Computer’?
: Shakuntala Devi

When is World Computer Literacy Day celebrated?
: 2nd December

What is the shape of a brick?
: Cuboid

Which animal is the second biggest cat in the world?
: Lion

Which was the first animal to go to space?
: Dog

Who invented the Radio?
: Guglielmo Marconi

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