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Funny Riddles That Will Test Your General Knowledge

Funny Riddles That Will Test Your General Knowledge

Test your general knowledge with a set of funny puzzles! Turn on your imagination, activate your brain, and stay focused on solving all the puzzles in time. If you want to have a well-trained brain, don’t be lazy in solving these cool brain games and blow-thinking logic quizzes. I hope this video gives you lots of positive emotions and is a good workout for your brain.

00:14 – This puzzle will make you harder and faster! Which letter comes next? Only if you are able to make things simple and reason in it, you will get the answer easily! The final puzzle is left for you to crack, so leave me a comment in your answer
01:28 – A trivia test to check your memory! Middle school students can crack these picture puzzles in minutes. Foods crack this easy puzzle in seconds! what you? 🙂
03:36 – A fun trick with a chocolate bar that will impress you! Try it yourself and show it to your friends and family 🙂
04:40 – Here is a group of text puzzles to speed up your logic and train your brain. Try to answer correctly before time!
06:24 – 🎅 You have to question all the family members, and I am sure they have already become very good friends! Pay attention to the smallest detail to bring the perpetrator down; He or she will cook another Christmas dinner instead of one and I believe they will invite you to share it
07:49 – No one has cracked the puzzle of mouth-watering food yet. If at least half of them are correct, you are almost a cook (or do you spend all your time on YouTube?)
11:49 – These are two sets of cool picture puzzles based on a true story. Boost your logic and imagination with these brainteasers and share with us in the comments about how you can identify the rogues on the street!

Let me answer your answer to the last quiz!

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