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Best 7+ Facebook Posting Tips and Tricks- Use Them Easily

People spend hours on Facebook(Facebook posting tips and tricks). It is the best medium for getting the latest news while staying connected with friends. We are telling you here in Facebook’s best tips and tricks that you may not know about.

Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform in the world. Millions of users around the world use it every day. A special thing about Facebook is that it has given many such features with the help of which users can improve their experience significantly. If you are not using these features, then surely you are not able to fully install Facebook. That’s why here we are telling you about some amazing Facebook tricks that will make your experience much better.

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Best facebook posting tips and tricks, use them easily – Do You Know?

Save link, video or photo

If you have seen some interest in Facebook’s news feed but you do not have time to read it then you can save the link, video, or photo on the saved page in your Facebook profile. Whenever you are comfortable, it can be easily read. This page is available in the More tab of the Facebook mobile app.

Snooze more posting friends

There is something in the friendliest of all of us who keeps posting Facebook all the time. Often these posts start to irritate us, but due to friendship, it cannot be unfriended. To avoid this, Facebook gives a snooze option to its users. To mute your friend’s post, visit her most recent post. On the right side here you will see three dots. Clicking on these dots will open a drop-down menu on your screen. Here you get the option to hide the post hide, snooze, and all the posts of that friend. The good thing about it is that you can also choose the snooze period.

Close ‘Seen’ on Facebook message

If you want the user to chat with you and do not know whether you have read the message or not, then Facebook also gives you the option for this. With the help of this feature, you can close the ‘seen’ after reading the message. For this, you will have to download Unseen for the Facebook Chrome extension. After it is installed, tap on the Messenger icon in the browser toolbar and turn it on.

Download your Facebook data

Facebook also allows users to download complete data. In it, details of all the activities done by you on Facebook are present. To download Facebook data you have to go to settings. Here you will get the option of Your Facebook Information. After clicking on it, you will see the option of Download Your Information. From here you can download your entire Facebook details.

Turn off app invites and game requests

Everyday many apps invite and game requests come on Facebook. If you are fed up with these invites and requests, now is the time to block it. For this, you have to go to Settings and click on the blocking option. Scrolling down here you will get the option of block app invites.

Save links to read later

While scrolling the Facebook news feed, there are some articles that you want to read, but due to lack of time or the right place, you miss reading that article at that time. If you too often have to deal with this problem, Facebook gives you the treatment. You can save it to read later by clicking on the three dots on the right side in front of your favorite post. After clicking on the dots the drop-down menu will open. Here you will see the first option to save the link.

By clicking on this option, you can save your favorite article for later reading. To access the saved link, you can find the article you saved to read later in the saved section by going to the explore option in the sidebar on the left.

Turn off automatic video

If you are upset with videos that play automatically on Facebook’s news feed, then you can set them off by going to Settings. For this, you have to turn off the option of autoplay by going to the Facebook settings and going to the option of videos and photos.

If you want to know about your past activity

When did you like which photo? When and whose photo is shared and when the photo is uploaded, all this information is shown in the activity log. You can see all your activity by going to the activity log. This activity log is near your cover picture at the top of your profile. All your activities will be shown as soon as you click on it.

Change profile picture to animated GIF

You can convert your photo to GIF on the Facebook mobile app. For this, you have to take a profile picture as well as a profile video. By uploading the two together, your profile photo will become like a moving picture like an animated GIF.

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So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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