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Explore the divine nature in your Domestic Himachal tour packages

Himachal Pradesh is the charismatic beauty of the nation and the most rewarding and pleasant place to visit in India. This state is one of the remarkable inherent examples of The Incredible India, which is surrounded by pure and serene natural beauty. It is absolutely a feather on the top of Indian tourism. The snow-covered heights and the lush green mountains are a portrait of its divine nature that shows the reflection of paradise on earth.

The fragrance of the flora brightens the atmosphere of this mountain season with the wind blowing. The colorful cultural heritage and the wonderful adventure are the charms of this beautiful state and this is the reason behind the magnetic attraction of national and international tourists. Being the best travel agent in Chandigarh, we will guide you to the iconic tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh, offering interesting deals on national Himachal tour packages.

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Explore the divine nature in your Domestic Himachal tour packages

The iconic Shimla

Shimla is the most popular and adorable hill station in Himachal, which is surrounded by lush vegetation and dense mountains. The picturesque and fascinating beauty of the capital city of Himachal Pradesh is one of the main reasons behind the attraction of a large number of national and international tourists to the state territories. It welcomes millions of hikers from around the world every calendar year, which is a milestone in itself for Himachal tourism. This is the largest city and one of the most populous in the state and known for its colonial buildings, captivating natural beauty, snowy mountains, panoramic views, shopping centers, and fascinating adventure. There are so many ideal tourist destinations that house and entertain hikers and make their day memorable. We will suggest some magnificent places in Shimla; You should not miss out on your national Himachal tour packages.

Mall Road: The busiest place

The shopping center street is one of the busiest streets in Himachal Pradesh, known as the most charming and stimulating emporium. It is popular, as well as the popular destination where tourists love to hang out and buy attractive and useful products. You can find and buy various handicrafts, decorative wooden items, furniture, handmade wool clothes, locally designed items, branded clothing, and ceramic items. If you are excited to add The Mall Road to your itinerary, you will also have the opportunity to visit the beauty of Scandal Point, Gaiety Theater, Kali Bari Temple and City Hall, which are an integral part of The Mall Road.

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Add The Ridge to your Himachal national tour packages itinerary:

The Ridge is the central point of attraction for tourists in Shimla, which is located along the mall road. It connects with some of Shimla’s main tourist destinations, which include Jakhoo Hill, Lakkar Bazar, Scandal Point, and The Mall Road. It is a great open place that conforms to a romantic and familiar point when the sun sets slowly. You can see and feel the fascinating views of the night with dense mountains covered by an orange horizon and sun rays. You can also enjoy and learn the cultural values and ethics of residents by observing different cultural activities on the crest. If you ever visit Shimla through its national tour packages, Himachal must go to the ridge and you can spend time in all connected tourist destinations that will save you money, travel and time.

Captivating Kasauli: Crushing Travelers

Kasauli is a captivating cantonment area and a small mountain station located in the Solan district, Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the ideal holiday destinations primarily for students and adults studying and living in Chandigarh, as it is much closer to Chandigarh. They love to go and hang out enjoying the captivating beauty of Kasauli. In addition, people of different nationalities and backgrounds visit this city to experience the absolute serene environment that provides maximum tranquility. In addition to loving natural beauty, here you can experience the adventurer through the long and exciting hike and ride along the dense mountains of Kasauli. You should visit the places mentioned below while making your national Himachal Pradesh tour packages in Kasauli.

Jakhoo Temple: Find Serenity in Hanuman Ji’s lap

The Jakhoo temple wholeheartedly welcomes a large number of pilgrims and travelers every year and ignites their heart and soul with holiness. It is an ancient temple located on Jakhoo Hill that is surrounded by mountains and forests. According to the beliefs of the residents and Ramayana, Hanuman Ji rested a little in this place while searching for Sanjivni Booti in search of Lakshmana. Therefore, this temple was founded in this place. You can also bow down to a giant Hanuman Ji idol that can be seen from miles away. As the best travel agent in Chandigarh, we recommend that you visit this sacred place and explore this wonderful place.

Mcleodganj – Heaven Amidst The Hills

Dalhousie: Much to dare

Dalhousie is a small mountain station surrounded by five hills and famous for its panoramic views and the beautiful valleys. It is a picturesque place where you can find pine and oak forests everywhere and experience the charm and essence of nature. Like other cities in Himachal Pradesh, you can also see colonial building structures in this small mountain station and remember the era of the British government. The Church of San Francisco and the church of San Juan are prominent monuments of Dalhousie that were founded by the British. Both churches are examples of the best workforce. You must visit these churches to understand and learn Dalhousie’s past.

Tourism in the magnificent Manali

Manali is one of the least populated cities in Himachal Pradesh, located in the northern part of the Kullu Valley. It is one of the precious inheritances of the state that offers numerous beautiful and captivating places for tourists. You can not miss any time visiting exciting and exciting places in Manali, surrounded by hills, forests and flora and fauna. Being the best travel agency in Chandigarh, we suggest you visit the places mentioned below in your national Himachal tour packages.

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