Environment and Biodiversity GK Questions and Answers

Environment & Biodiversity MCQ Quiz – Objective GK Question with Answer for Environment and Biodiversity

How much do you know about the environment? Take our test to see how prepared you are for the GK test on Environment and Biodiversity.

Latest Environment & Biodiversity MCQ Objective Questions

Q1. Who was the ecologist who first gave the concept of biodiversity hotspots?

[A] Gaylord Nelson
[B] Julia Hill
[C] Norman Myers
[D] John Muir

Answer: [C] Norman Myers

Q2. World Environment Day is celebrated on __ every year.

[A] 5 June
[B] 6 July
[C] 12 August
[D] 10 September

Answer: [A] 5 June

Q3. United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) headquarters are located in:

[A] New York
[B] Nairobi
[C] New Delhi
[D] Geneva

Answer: [B] Nairobi

Q4. The biotic component of the environment does not include any of the following

[A] Soil system
[B] Animal system
[C] Microorganism system
[D] Plant system

Answer: [A] Soil system

Q5. Of the following climate factors, which factor has the least effect on the terrestrial ecosystem?

[A] Conditions of Sunlight
[B] Temperature Variation
[C] Availability of Water
[D] Wind

Answer: [D] Wind

Q6. Which of the following biosphere reserves in India is not included under the Man and Biosphere Program (MAB)?

[A] Nanda Devi
[B] Simlipal Biosphere Reserve
[C] Cold Desert
[D] Agasthyamalai

Answer: [C] Cold Desert

Q7. The production of light by living organisms is known as

[A] Bio-lighting
[B] Bio-fluorescence
[C] Bio-luminescence
[D] none of the above

Answer: [C] Bio-luminescence

Q8. What is the cause of the “green house effect”?

[A] Carbon Dioxide
[B] Nitrogen Dioxide
[C] Carbon Monoxide
[D] Nitrogen

Answer: [A] Carbon Dioxide

Q9. Which of the following are the health effects of increased fluoride in drinking water?

[A] Mouth Cancer
[B] Fluorosis
[C] Toothaches
[D] Lung disease

Answer: [B] Fluorosis

Q10. The region of the atmosphere above 400 km is known as

[A] Thermosphere
[B] Mesosphere
[C] Photosphere
[D] Exosphere

Answer: [D] Exosphere

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