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Enjoy the movie while taking a spectacular theater, water somewhere and bed somewhere

People like to go to the best theater to watch movies. Where there is a good facility. The film can be enjoyed by sitting for 3-4 hours easily and with full entertainment. Today we are talking about some such weird-poor theaters of the world which have been made with different themes.

There are many such theaters around the world that are famous for their unique designs and facilities. People on boats and cars inside any of these theaters. Sitting in a theater and watching movies sitting on a bathtub and a comfortable couch.

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Today we are telling you about some such special cinema halls –

Inox Theater, Vadodara

If you are going to see the picture here and have trouble sitting, then there is no need to panic. Here the audience can see the film by lying on the bed, not on the chairs. There is a facility for two people on each bed.

Newport Ultra Cinema, Newport City

It has been designed keeping in mind the privacy of the police. This cinema house made of 3D technology has 80 seats.

Movie Theater in Paris

This cinema house is the most unique cinema house in the world. The special thing here is the seating of the theater boat. This is the reason people come here to see it or say the picture.

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Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater, Orlando, USA

Movie and dining facilities are taken care of for America’s Sci-Fi theater audience. The chairs which are fitted in this theater are in the shape of a car. It is a different fun to watch a movie sitting on a seat like this.

Olympia Theater, Greece

Here too, you can enjoy the film by sitting on the bed rather than sitting comfortably. The theater was first designed in 1910 and later again in 1950.

Hot Tube Cinema, London

Sitting in a tub filled with water, watching a movie with family and friends is a different fun. If you also want to see a movie in such a theater, then this cinema called Hot Tube is in London. People come from far and wide here. Also, there is no restriction on drinking drinks while watching movies.

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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