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eBay SEO Tips UPDATED | How to Rank your eBay Listings in 2021


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In this video, Ela shows us the latest eBay SEO release in 2021 to sell more than our competitors.

0:46 eBay SEO in 2021
How to attract buyers who are willing to spend money to buy your product

1:55 Tip # 1 Make your listings include all of the key terms that describe the item you’re selling. be specific

3: 11 Tip # 2 Make sure you are using the correct keywords to get your product featured in the right people. You need to understand the difference between generic keywords and long-tail keywords. Generic keywords are simple and have a lot of competition while long-tail keywords are more specific and have less competition.

4:27 eBay address optimization
Getting the right title is vital to the success of your listings. You can use Zikanalytics eBay title builder to help you create the perfect title for your listing.

4:54 Tip # 3 Complete the item details section. Most people don’t know that eBay uses the keywords in the item details section to match each customer’s search results.

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