DIY Homemade Plastic Car With 3 Unique Life Hacks Project

DIY Homemade Plastic Car With 3 Unique Life Hacks Project

DIY Homemade Plastic | Unique Life Hacks Project

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DIY homemade car with 3 unique life-hacking projects.
3 cool DIY games you can make at home.

The first project –
How to make plastic car toys.

Think you need.
2 plastic bottles.
4 plastic bottle caps.
Drinking straw.
And the stick bp bar.

The second project –
How to make a wall clock at home.

You think you need –
Wall clock parts.

The third project –
How to make an amazing plastic car with a balloon and drink straw.

Things you need.
Plastic bottle.
4pcs plastic bottle cap.
Drinking straw.
And hot glue with a gun.

This project you can easily do at home …
No.1 and No.3 for kids’ games … and No.2 … you can use it to decorate your home/room.

**** Top 3 unique homemade projects with superhero life ideas kids games ever.
*** DIY school project or DIY science fair project for kids **

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