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Deadly online games – keep an eye on your children if you want to escape

There was also a time when children were forbidden to play outside the home(Deadly online games). He had to be scolded for playing outside the house all day, but now the time has changed. Now the situation has become such that children are not getting out of the house to play. The biggest reason for this is online video games and smartphones. Smartphones playing video games are easily available for up to seven-eight thousand rupees. At the same time, free mobile games are also available on the Google Play Store.

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Deadly online games – keep an eye on your children if you want to escape

Actually, the market of online video gaming is growing at a very rapid pace, with its growing side effects. Many video games are proving to be extremely dangerous for children. Games like Blue Whale have also resulted in many deaths. Let’s know about some video games which are negatively impacting children, making them violent and even provoking them to die.

Blue Whale

You must have heard the name of the Blue Whale Game. The game became very popular in the year 2017-18. In order to complete the task, many children have even committed suicide. In the year 2017, more than 130 children died in Russia due to this game, while in India, around 100 children embraced death. Later Philippe Budeikin, who created the game, was arrested by the police.

In police custody, Philip told that he made the game for people who do not want to live. The special thing was that the game was not on the Google Play-Store or Apple’s App Store, but was being downloaded through links on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Later, Instagram also discontinued the game on its platform. Although there has been no report about this game since last year, this game by any other name still exists. Blue whale game other names are also being searched on Google.

Such tasks were given in blue whale game

  • Wakeup at 4.30 Morning – Woke up at 4 in the morning to watch horror movies and sent photos to the curator.
  • Make a Blue Whale with the blade on the hand – After the photo was engraved on the hand with the blade, it was asked to send it to the curator. Cutting the Nerves – A challenge in the game was to cut the veins of the hand and send a photo of it.
  • Jumping from the roof- The curator used to ask the users to jump from the roof in the morning.
  • Knife – In this game one had to be ready to be a task whale. Failure to do this required several knives to blow on the hand, and YES had to be engraved with a blade on the leg when it passed.
  • Listening to music- The curator sends music to the users who were supposed to provoke and harm themselves.
  • Suicide- In the 50th and final task of the game, the task of suicide was given.

Pass Out Challenge

The pass out challenge game is also known as the Choking Game. This game became very popular among children. It involved two-three children and strangled each other. In such a situation, he was dying in the absence of oxygen. Many times children used to fall out of their arms. According to media reports, there are about 1,000 deaths due to this game in America every year. The children involved can be identified by their antics. For example, if a child is living with his neck covered, it is possible that he is playing this game. Apart from this, if there is any kind of mark on the neck of the children, then you need to be alert and keep an eye on it.

PUBG Mobile

There is a demand to close this PUBG game known as Players Unknown Battle Ground in India. This game has become popular in a very short time. In Gujarat, the game was banned for a month and during this time 16 people were arrested for the game. According to doctors, the PUBG game is making the youth mentally ill and at the same time, violent instinct is also developing in children after playing this game. In May this year, a 16-year-old child died of a heart attack after losing in a PUBG game in Madhya Pradesh. The report said that he had been playing PUBG for the past 6 hours.

Salt and Ice College

This game is also going to harm itself like a blue whale. In this game, children are given a task to place salt on any part of the body and keep ice on top of it. In such a situation, ice melts rapidly due to salt and that place is burnt. Due to this game, many children’s hands were burnt and many got jealous.

The Fire Challenge

As the name suggests, this is a fire game challenge. In this, the players were told as a task to set fire to flammable liquids like petrol and record videos. Many youngsters were killed in the affair of this game. In New York, a 15-year-old child died due to severe burns in the same game, while another child opened fire by spraying alcohol on his chest.

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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