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CSC Digital Beti Yojana by Facebook

The main goal of this scheme is to officially enable Rural Beti! Facebook and Common Service Center (CSC Digital Beti Yojana) will do it together!

Facebook will make my home life in a digital literacy village! Within the Digital Beti Scheme program, 2.50 rural entrepreneurs – CSC vle from 3000 villages will be trained!

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CSC Digital Beti Yojana by Facebook – Every Beti will get benefits

Is a scheme implemented through the joint service center in which rural areas were implemented to enable women in my home to walk step-by-step in the digital age? This project was entrusted with the support of the Government of India and Facebook.

The goal of Digital Beti Yojana

  • Digital Beti Yojana aims to provide technology training for women from digitally-rural backgrounds.
  • They will be prepared for the job according to time requirements by providing job training so that they can be self-reliant.
  • By realizing your privacy and safety on the Internet, you can develop yourself.
  • The main goal of Digital Beti Yojana is to make rural girls financially self-reliant with the help of technical training.
CSC Digital Beti Yojana by Facebook 2

Who will get a working digital daughter diagram for CSC VLE

  • Beti digital planner work will be awarded to women VLE first! If you have a woman CSC ID
  • Name vle, you will get this job first! Facebook cross-country via CSC
  • About 5,000 girls must be trained! If the VLE female cannot be found then the VLE male also
  • Work can be given! But the condition is that you keep a woman in your center!
  • If you want to make it work, you can contact your county director!

Benefits of Digital Beti Yojana

  • Free computer training / digital literacy for women
  • Digital information required by function according to time
  • Better information about your safety and privacy on the Internet / the Internet

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