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Crossword Puzzles with Answers | General Knowledge Trivia Questions

Crossword Puzzles with Answers | General Knowledge Trivia Questions

Figure out the answers to all 17 crossword puzzle questions!
You get 10 seconds to answer each general knowledge trivia question.

** Questions and Answers:

Who discovered Radium? (CURIE)
A sport is similar to football. (RUGBY)
Athlete featured in “The Last Dance” (JORDAN)
Violin’s slightly larger cousin (VIOLA)
Human species that went extinct 40,000 years ago. (NEANDERTHAL)
Canadian City is known as “The 6ix”. (TORONTO)
Famous for their headsets and speakers (BOSE)
Family of 8 legged creatures (ARACHNID)
Helped Neo wake up from the Matrix (MORPHEUS)
Capital of Vietnam (HANOI)
Mario’s arch-nemesis (BOWSER)
Title used by Roman emperors (CAESAR)
World War 2 German Tank (PANZER)
Microsoft’s slide presentation application (POWERPOINT)
Genghis Khan’s real first name (TEMUJIN)
Final Chapter of the Bible (REVELATION)


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