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How To Check Before Buying A New Property – Important Documents

Buying a property is one of the most important tasks in life for any person. You decide to buy the property with all the accumulated capital, huge debts, and high expectations, so it is important to take as much care in it so that no one can spoil your hard-earned money. Your negligence in checking the property papers can blow up your life savings in a minute.

Everyone has a dream to buy a good house, that is, some people build a house by purchasing land, then some people take a ready-made house or flat, then some people take a home loan for it. Some people buy a house or land(new property) with their saved money, but the biggest problem after buying a house or land or a house is that it happens.

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Things to Check Before Buying a New Property

The best way is to get the property deed verified by a lawyer, this will help to ensure that the papers are correct and there is no shortage in them.

Building Plan Approval

If you are buying a flat in a building, then make sure that the builder has approved the building plan from the concerned authority. It should be approved by the Commissioner of the concerned authority or any officer appointed by him. This will help you to decide whether the builder has built the house legally or not.

Loan Certificate

This certificate ensures that there is no loan or other liability on the property concerned. This means that at the time when you are buying the property, it should be free from any kind of debt or liability.

In whose name is the house

Whenever you buy a house or plot from any property dealer or from someone you know, then firstly, who is the original owner of the property in whose name it is very important to know all this, then for this you Apart from this, you have to keep in mind that if there is any tussle in this land or house, then the court case is not going on if there are some problems, then if you do not understand, then a lawyer The resort can take.

Good to know about the company and property dealer

If you buy a property, in such a situation, you should check the background of any company or dealer that you are buying land or house from. Buying property from a company or property dealer should reduce the risk of fraud.

Find the property price in the market

Many people do not check the price in the market at the time of purchasing a property, as of now, what you are buying, that is, the property is being bought by the property, this will save you money, otherwise no one will save you a cheap property. You can make more money by giving it, besides the property is also priced according to the place.

Tax and bill related documents

We should ensure that the person purchasing the property has paid all the dues and should see the necessary receipt or bill for this. Make real demand for all receipts from the person selling the property and do not rely only on the photocopied receipt.

Occupancy Certificate

After issuing the Compliance Certificate, the local body (Municipal Corporation or Authority) issues the Occupancy Certificate. This certificate ensures that the property concerned is available for living and it has been constructed following all the rules and regulations.

The average person in the country buys property only after taking a large loan. Only after carefully scrutinizing each of the papers should proceed with the deal. Here you are telling the list of those documents in which you can check and complete this transaction in the right way.

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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