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CHC Farm Machinery | Agricultural Farmer – Mobile App Download

Giving another gift to the farmers, the Central Government has launched the CHC Farm Machinery Mobile App, a kind of multilingual app, under a new government scheme. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while giving relief to the farmers, expensive farming equipment which was not easy for the farmers to buy, now they can be hired (Agriculture Equipment on Rent). For this, the government itself will act as an aggregator.

The government hopes that from now on, farmers will not have to buy expensive equipment (Tractors & Agriculture Machineries on Rent) and their cost will come down and their income will also increase.

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CHC Farm Machinery App

  1. App Name – CHC Farm Machinery
  2. Mobile App Size – 5 MB
  3. How to download – click here
  4. Languages ​​- This app supports 12 languages ​​including Hindi, English, Urdu.
  5. Important Android version – 4.0.3 (KitKat and Above)

Apart from this, the government has also launched the Krishi Kisan Mobile App, which will provide information to farmers about high yielding crops, seeds as well as new techniques of farming. Farmers will get the weather forecast easily through the Krishi Kisan Android mobile app.

Krishi Kisan Mobile App

  1. App Name – Krishi Kisan Mobile App
  2. Mobile App Size – 6.6 MB
  3. How to download – click here
  4. Languages – This app supports 12 languages including Hindi, English, Urdu.
  5. Important Android version – 4.0.3 (KitKat and Above)

Using this CHC Farm Machinery App, farmers will be able to rent the available farming equipment within a 50 km radius of their farm and can also choose the equipment according to their own.

CHC Farm Machinery App – Implementation

The central government has created 35 thousand custom hiring centers across the country for its successful implementation, with a capacity to hire more than 2.5 lakh farming equipment annually. From where the farmers can choose the equipment related to farming work from their choice and get hired on rent, in view of the increasing popularity of hailstorms and umber in the country, the government thought that no such service should be started for the farmers And as you know, Digital India will also be encouraged.

How to use the custom hiring centers machinery app?

  • First of all, you have to download the CHC Farm Machinery Mobile App through the link given above.
  • After that, the app has to be opened in mobile, but keep in mind that this CHC mobile app will run in Android version 4.0.3 or above.
  • CHC Farm Machinery App CHC Service Providers and farmers/users will appear after selecting the language.
  • After which you have to choose one of these options according to your own.

CHC Mobile App – Farming Equipment

  • Information on all the equipment available within 50 km radius
  • Farmers will be able to choose equipment at their own free will
  • Around 40,000 custom hiring centers are connected to it
  • So far 1 lakh 21 thousand farmers have joined this app

CHC Mobile App Key Features & Benefits

This app is available in 12 languages. The government has made this custom hiring center Android app in such a way that no farmer has any problem in using it.

  • The availability of expensive equipment for farmers will increase.
  • You will get access from the nearby Custom Hiring Center without going there. For which still had to go there.
  • When the cost of farming is low, the income of the farmers will also increase. So that they can use their income for their important work

Through the Custom Hiring Centers Machinery App (Download CHC Farm Machinery Android App), farmers from all over the country will be able to purchase tractors and other machinery connected with their farming activities on rent (Hire Tractors & Agriculture Machineries through CHC App). If Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar is to be believed, this app will provide tractors and other farming-related goods like rent to Ola-Uber for the farmer.

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