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Cause of mouth ulcers | Symptoms and Treatment – Health Tips

Mouth ulcers are common. It cannot be called a disease, but it is definitely a symptom of getting sick. It can happen anytime and to anyone. Often this is due to heat after fever or internal fever. They occur in the lips or cheeks and are excruciating. Well, these are cured within a few days, but as long as they remain, it becomes difficult to eat and drink.

If you want to fix your mouth ulcer problem soon, then definitely read this article. Here we are not only telling you the cause of mouth blisters but also sharing the treatment of mouth ulcers with you.

Cause of mouth ulcers | Symptoms and Treatment

The bark of the mouth, tongue, and lips are white in color. The blister is thick red on the edge of the blister. It is mostly almost spherical in shape. However, it is not certain to have a circular shape.

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Eating sour foods (such as tomatoes, lemons) is very painful during blisters.

  • Mouth blisters are sometimes due to lack of essential nutrients in the body, sometimes it can be due to an injury during dental treatment.
  • Mouth ulcers are also caused by eating a person’s shoes.
  • If the inner surface of the cheek is accidentally cut and wound, then it can also cause mouth ulcers.
  • Not keeping the cleanliness of the mouth also causes mouth ulcer i.e. mouth ulcers.

Note: In many cases, the real reason for mouth, tongue and lips ulcers is not known. Therefore, the proper use of food and physical fitness can relieve ulcers.

Symptoms of mouth sores – Signs and Symptoms of cold sores
Here we are telling you some main symptoms of mouth sores(mouth ulcers) so that you can guess that you are going to get blisters.

  • There will be itching, burning or discomfort in the mouth where there is a blister.
  • Then there will be a small fluid-filled blister first.
  • These blisters burst and the liquid inside them gets flushed out.

Not everyone has the same symptoms, so apart from these symptoms, there are other symptoms, which we are talking about below:

  • fever
  • Pain and swelling in the gums
  • Sore throat or sore throat
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • Lymph node inflammation

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Children up to five years of age may also have mouth blisters. There can be many other reasons for mouth sores and below we are telling you about these reasons.

Home remedies for mouth ulcers

Terminalia chebula

  • After eating well, keep the small myriad in your mouth,
  • Then chew it comfortably and suck it; The bark of the mouth, tongue, and lips will be cured,
  • Sucking before sleeping at night is more beneficial.

Cardamom – Honey

  • First, take out the cardamom seeds and grind them,
  • Then mix well in honey,
  • Now apply this spray on the blister, it will cure the bark.

Green leaves of berries

  • Finely grind the green leaves of the berries,
  • Then mix in 150 grams of water and sieve the water,
  • Now take this water in the mouth and gargle (Rinse), the bark of the mouth, tongue, and lips will be cured.

Basil leaf

  • Take 8-10 clean leaves of basil,
  • And chew it every morning and evening, then drink water,
  • By doing this, the bark of mouth, tongue, and lips are cured in a few days.

Honey – Water

  • Mix the honey well with some water,
  • Then gargle with this prepared tip and rinse, the bark will be cured.

Ghee – camphor

  • Take some ghee and powdered camphor,
  • Heat the two together,
  • Then apply it to the blister area,
  • It is beneficial for mouth, tongue and lips ulcers.

Henna leaf

  • Soak green henna leaves in clean water
  • Then after 2 or 3 hours filter the water with the henna leaves and separate it,
  • Then gargle with sieved water, rinse,
  • Mouth blisters are cured.

Honey – Vashlochan

  • Grind a little bit of honey and mix it in a little honey,
  • Then apply this prepared tip on the mouth, tongue, and lips of the blisters, the blisters will be cured.

Cow curd – Banana

  • Mix both cow’s curd and banana together or eat separately,
  • Mouth blisters are cured by this.

Destroyer leaves

  • Annihilated leaves are cut,
  • So carefully break its branch, Then squeeze and apply it on the mouth ulcers, there is a good dryness for the ulcers.

Some important things for mouth ulcers

  • Keep the stomach clean, ie do not use too much oil and spices.
  • Remedy to keep the face white, which you apply for your face and do not have stains on your face, for this you keep your face clean as always, so keep the mouth clean as well.
  • Use light and a soft toothbrush.
  • Do physical exercise regularly. This is a good way to get rid of mouth ulcers and many diseases.
  • Use green vegetables in food.
  • If you are not getting benefit from the treatment mentioned above, do not use it too much and immediately contact a nearest mouth specialist doctor.

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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