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Best Tips are very beneficial for health – know how to do it?

If you also want to do asanas but are unable to understand which asanas, to begin with, then we will tell you which asanas, you can move slowly. Let us know which are those postures.

Check now the best tips are very beneficial for health:-

Palm tree

In Tadasana Tara means mountain. Just as a mountain stands with its firmness without moving, similarly this posture also provides the power to stand firm. Ekadagata is maintained by doing Tadasana. Not only this, breathing is balanced by doing this asana. To do easy, first of all, you stand up. Keep in mind that while doing this easy one should not bend the waist and neck. Now raise both your hands up and pull the body while breathing slowly. Do this easy for 2-4 minutes and then slowly exhale and return to normal.

Tree plantation

Vriksasana mimics a stationary tree. Vriksasana helps you increase concentration. Additionally, by doing this easy, the feet and back are strengthened. To do this posture, stand up straight. After this, keep your right paw on the left thigh while bending your right knee. Then fold your hands up and join. Keep your left leg straight and maintain balance.

Downward facing

Adhomukh Shawanasana is a Sanskrit word. It is composed of three letters. Adho means forward, mouth means face and dog means dog and posture means posture. This easy is called the downward-facing dog because when doing this asana, a similar situation is created, like a dog leaning forward and pulling its body. The entire body is refreshed by performing a downward-facing dog.

By doing this asana, the muscles also get flexibility. To do this asana, first, stand up and now move both your hands forward towards the ground. Keep in mind that your knees should be straight while bending. Now keep an equal gap in the fingers of your hands. Now bend the bow facing down slightly in the shape of a bow and lift your ankles above the ground.


Performing the trikonasana increases the length. This asana will prove very beneficial in relieving back pain. Doing this asana for about 2 weeks will end your back pain. Performing this asana also reduces weight. This asana is very beneficial for obese people. To do this asana, first of all, stand with your legs wide. After this, bend your spine and keep your hand down. After this, raise your right hand. Now, look at the finger of your right hand.

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