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New Business Ideas for 2020-21: Beating the Recession

Beating the Recession New Business Ideas

This video is not about the next Unicorn startup or the $ 1B business idea. It is about the reality of our new world, a reality in which 26MM people have lost their jobs and industries have been stalled, and it will take months or years to recover. We have collected business ideas for everyone. They may not become unicorns, but can certainly provide a job, a lifestyle, and the ability to thrive if you are good at it.

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1:03 – Thoughts for the world in lockdown
1:45 – what to focus on
2:10 – From Food to Content Creation: Business Ideas

For me, being an entrepreneur was an option. I went on the corporate route and then decided to quit the job to start my own business. not anymore. The next wave of entrepreneurs, the world will see, was probably employed by March 2020, and their new businesses will come from necessity. The thought for this article was exercise, what would I do if I lost my job? Therefore, billion-dollar business ideas do not come under pressure. They rarely occur, and they take months and years to test and develop. You may not have months or years. So if I didn’t have a job, and I couldn’t find one, the first thing I would do was create some income for sustainability, which would allow me to think straight and use my spare time to nurture that second thought. Will for Finding a job is easier than starting a business — and if I want to find a job in today’s environment, I start by navigating my network, instead of applying for openings to people I know where I need to There is no relevant benefit.

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