Assam GK Questions and Answers 2023-24

Assam MCQ Quiz – Objective General Knowledge (GK) Question with Answer

Latest Assam MCQs Objective Questions

Q1. In that year, Kaziranga was designated as a ‘Reserve Forest’ for the first time

[A] 1908
[B] 1911
[C] 1918
[D] 1922

Answer: [A] 1908

Q2. Which city is also known as the “Cultural Capital of Assam”?

[A] Sivsagar
[B] Jorhat
[C] Nagaon
[D] Guwahati

Answer: [B] Jorhat

Q3. As per Elephant Census 2017, the total number of elephants in Assam is

[A] 5719
[B] 5866
[C] 5960
[D] 6218

Answer: [A] 5719

Q4. Who among the following was the first Assamese translator of the Ramayana?

[A] Ram Saraswati
[B] Sankardeva
[C] Ananta Kandali
[D] Madhab Kandali

Answer: [D] Madhab Kandali

Q5. Bwisagu is a festival celebrated by which of the following tribes of Assam?

[A] Tiwa
[B] Rabha
[C] Bodo
[D] Barman

Answer: [C] Bodo

Q6. The first book fair in Assam was held in –

[A] Nagaon
[B] Dibrugarh
[C] Jorhat
[D] Kamrup

Answer: [A] Nagaon

Q7. Ambubachi mela is celebrated in the month of ___ every year in Assam.

[A] May
[B] June
[C] July
[D] August

Answer: [B] June

Q8. Which of the following communities in Assam is associated with Tusu Puja?

[A] Ahom
[B] Karbi
[C] Tiwa
[D] Tea tribe

Answer: [D] Tea tribe

Q9. In the kg category of boxing, Ankushita Puru won the gold medal at the AIBA World Youth Championships.

[A] 60 Kg
[B] 62 Kg
[C] 64 Kg
[D] 66 Kg

Answer: [C] 64 Kg

Q10. The first session of the Assam State Assembly was held in –

[A] 7th April, 1937
[B] 12th June, 1940
[C] 18th July, 1935
[D] 22th May, 1939

Answer: [A] 7th April, 1937

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