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Assam Arundhati Gold Scheme – 1 Tola Gold

Arundhati Gold Scheme announced in the budget 2019-2020 submitted on February 6, 2019. Under this scheme, the state government. 1 tola will provide gold for brides at the time of their wedding.

All these communities that have a tradition of providing gold at the time of their daughter’s marriage will get the gold. To take advantage of the benefits of the Arundhati scheme, the total annual income of the bride must be less than Rs. 5 lakh.

Moreover, the marriage must be registered under the rules of private marriage (Assam), 1954.

Loktantra Prahari Samman Rashi Yojana HP 2019-20

Assam Arundhati Gold Scheme – 1 Tola Gold for Brides

Benefits of Arundhati Yojana can be availed of upon official registration of marriages under the 1954 Special Marriage Rules (ASAM) and will reach beneficiaries in time for social marriage. You will only be limited to economically weaker departments, whose annual income is less than Rs. 5 lakh.

Arundhati was the wife of the Great Wise Sage and considered an example of marital chastity and bliss. For the father, there can be no greater joy than seeing his daughter happily married with all the attributes and happiness of Arundhati.

According to the official announcement contained in Assam Budget 2019-2020, all brides in this community, where it is customary to save gold on marriage, will now get 1 tola gold. The current cost of gold tola 1 (per 10 grams) is approx. RS 38,000 to be presented at the daughter’s wedding.

Eligibility of Arundhati Gold Scheme

  • A resident of the state – Applicants must be legally and permanently resident in this state.
  • Religious Requirement – The offered bride must belong to a Hindu family.
  • Age requirement – the scheme will only allow applicants who have completed the legal age of 18 to participate. The groom must be at least 21 years old.
  • Academic requirements – It is said that if any interested bride wishes to apply for this program, she must have completed the tenth final test.

Full information about the PPF Account

  • Legal requirements – Marriage must be registered under the Arundhati gold system, as stated in the Indian Constitution.
  • Family income for the bride – The project guidelines indicate that the annual family income for the applicable bride must be either less than or equal to Rs. 5 lakhs. If the income is more than this, the applicant will not receive the benefits of this program.
Name of the schemeArundhati Gold Scheme
Launched inAssam
Launched bySarbananda Sonowal
Announced byHimanta Biswa Sarma
Date of the official launchFeb 2019
Date of the official implementation1st January 2020
Target beneficiariesBrides from needy families
Supervised byFinancial Department of Assam Government

The necessary documents for the application

  • Residential proof – the applicant needs to attach a copy of the official documents to prove the housing issued by the Assam state government.
  • Proof of religion – The debt certificate must be submitted with the application form.
  • Age certificates – If the presented bride fails to provide them and the groom’s age certificates, her request will be rejected.
  • Academic Certificate – The bride must provide copies of her school registration certificate and the final copy of the Mark 10 paper
  • Marriage registration certificate – A copy of the marriage registration certificate must be submitted with the registration form. It will be examined by state officials.
  • Family Income Certificate – It is necessary that the provided bride provide a copy of her family’s annual income with the registration form.
  • Aadhar Card – The submitted bride and groom must provide copies of Aadhar cards during the final application.
  • Bank account details – As the grant is deposited into the bride’s bank account, the necessary account details must be provided with the application form.

How Gold Be Given in the state of Assam Arundhati Yojana

All conditions, including educational and financial, do not apply to the groom. Assam, the government. It will not give gold in a physical form.

After registration and verification, the government. Rs will be deposited. 30,000 in her bank account. Then they have to present the gold purchase receipt. This amount cannot be used for other purposes.

Rs figure. 30,000 was received for 10 grams of gold after taking its average price for the entire year and will be reviewed during the presentation of each budget.

About 3 lakh marriages occur each year in Assam, but only 50,000 to 60,000 are registered. This is to increase the registration of marriage in the state of Assam to 2 to 2.5 lakhs, the government. You will save gold under the Arundhati Gold Scheme 2019 program.

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