Arunachal Pradesh GK Questions and Answers 2023-24

Arunachal Pradesh MCQ Quiz – Objective General Knowledge (GK) Question with Answer

Latest Arunachal Pradesh MCQs Objective Questions

Q1. What is the former name of Arunachal Pradesh?

[D] None of the these

Answer: [B] NEFA (North Eastern Frontier Agency)

Q2. Aji Lamu is a folk dance of which tribe of Arunachal Pradesh?

[A] Apatani Tribe
[B] Nishing Tribe
[C] Monpa Tribe
[D] Adi Tribe

Answer: [C] Monpa Tribe

Q3. What is the official language in Arunachal Pradesh?

[A] Hindi
[B] Adi
[C] English
[D] Nyishi

Answer: [C] English

Q4. What is the ranking of Arunachal Pradesh in terms of the largest state in India in terms of area?

[A] 13th
[B] 15th
[C] 17th
[D] 18th

Answer: [B] 15th

Q5. Which of the following traditional agricultural practices are followed by the Apatanis of Arunachal Pradesh?

[A] Paddy-cum-fish culture system
[B] Zabo system
[C] Panikheti system
[D] Bamboo-drip irrigation

Answer: [A] Paddy-cum-fish culture system

Q6. Who was the first Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh?

[A] Dorjee Khandu
[B] Gegong Apang
[C] Mukut Mithi
[D] Prem Khandu Thungan

Answer: [D] Prem Khandu Thungan

Q7. Which of the following is the state animal of Arunachal Pradesh?

[A] Snow leopard
[B] Wild Deer
[C] Methun
[D] Peacock

Answer: [C] Methun

Q8. How many districts are there in Arunachal Pradesh?

[A] 19
[B] 21
[C] 23
[D] 25

Answer: [C] 23

Q9. Which of the following Arunachal Pradesh borders touches Bhutan, Tibet, and Assam?

[A] Upper Siang
[B] West Kameng
[C] Tawang
[D] East Kameng

Answer: [B] West Kameng

Q10. Who was the first governor of Arunachal Pradesh after it was recognized as a state?

[A] Bhishma Narain Singh
[B] R. D. Pradhan
[C] Gopal Singh
[D] Devi Das Thakur

Answer: [A] Bhishma Narain Singh

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