Are We Dead Yet? S2, E4: Riddles and Castles

The mysterious creatures underneath the city have disappeared after testing the mettle of our adventuring party. As they pursue their assailants and try to figure out the mystery of the attack on the city, more questions arise. A castle in the ground awaits them, along with the horrors it contains.You can support us on Patreon by going to For maps, cast info, and more podcasts visit our website: consider leaving us a review on iTunes. It really helps make this show possible.Intro and Outro music produced by Salty Dawg Co. Find them on Soundcloud.Additional Background Music and Sounds provided by Table Top Audio under a creative commons attricbution non-commercial, no derivatives 4.0 international license from creative commons. Table Top Audio is great site for sounds to really bring your tabletop role playing games to life. Check them out at **Episode Transcript** Cover Art by Ashley Steinke.

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