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Apple loses attempt to turn off class action on MacBook keyboards

Apple loses attempt to turn off class action on MacBook keyboards

Apple will have to face a class-action lawsuit on faulty MacBook keyboards. Federal judge Edward Davila rejected Apple’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit accusing the company not only of hiding the fragility of the MacBook butterfly keyboards but of failing to provide “effective repair” or full compensation to customers who paid for the repairs. The lawsuit claims that Apple violated consumer protection laws in several states, potentially leaving the company in trouble for many users who dealt with sticky or unresponsive keys when they slipped up a tiny amount of debris in their keyboards.

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The suit covers many Apple laptops with butterfly keyboards, starting with the original 12-inch MacBook starting in 2015, including MacBook Pro(MacBook keyboards) models that were produced in 2016 or later.

We asked Apple to comment. You may face an uphill battle in court, however. Although the company has never said that the butterfly keyboard design was inherently flawed, it has created repair programs for this keyboard design and has added the latest version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro to the software as soon as it becomes available. Also, the 16-inch MacBook Pro apparently returned to scissor switches in what many consider to be an implicit acknowledgment that previous technology was too fragile. As such, there is a real chance Apple could find in exchange for its design options shortly after the butterfly keyboard becomes a distant memory.

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