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Apple CEO about what the company does with Android phones

Do you want to know what Apple does with Android smartphones? Apple CEO Tim Cook responded directly to the recent Salesforce event in San Francisco, USA. Cook asked the audience of the event that owns an iPhone(Apple CEO about the Android phones). He then made a joke and said, “If you have an Android, we recycle those in the Apple Store.” He then thanked the public for using Apple devices.

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Apple CEO about what the company does with Android phones

Apple CEO was attending the Salesforce Dreamforce 2019 event. At the software giant’s annual event, Cook met with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff to discuss how Apple and Salesforce “accelerate productivity” on mobile devices.

During the chat, Cook also shared his views on topics such as innovation, data privacy, artificial intelligence, the environment, and his relationship with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Apple’s CEO digs into rival Google. In the past, he has also taken pictures of Google and Facebook, especially about the pair’s data protection policy.

Speaking of Apple’s emphasis on innovation, he said it’s the company’s secret. “Many people confuse innovation with change and are convinced that innovation is just change, but we [Benioff and Cook] and our companies recognize that innovation is making things better, not just modifying them. This requires deep thought beyond change. That’s Apple’s secret, “Cook said.

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During the conversation with Benioff, Cook reiterated that privacy is a fundamental right. He added that it is something that should be incorporated into the products. “You don’t stick to privacy,” Cook said. He added: “You think about it in the product development process. You can see what happens when companies wake up one day and decide they will do something in terms of privacy. You just don’t. You have to design it. “


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