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Advanced Web Designing Interview Questions and Answers (2019 Update)

What is HTML?

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the most influential markup language for building web pages, websites or anything that is displayed in a browser.

What is CSS and its purpose?

CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheet” and it helps to manage font sizes, styles and color combinations which are applied on web pages. Simply put, it gives the overall ‘look and feel’ of the website. Since it makes global appearance changes, a single change in the CSS file will make changes to the entire website where it is being used. Web pages retrieve data each time before displaying it.

What is doctype?

Document type declaration is an instruction given to the browser to intimate about the HTML version. It is not case sensitive and is usually written at the beginning before the tag, and it does not require end tag. It is important in the old versions of HTML, whereas for HTML5 is not mandatory to declare it in the beginning.

What is external style sheet? How do you link it?

It is a document containing the style information which is linked to a number of HTML files. Generally, the external CSS is linked using the LINK tag under the HEAD element. Files having the CSS elements should have a relevant extension, say for example, style.css.

Explain the difference between “display: none” and “visibility: hidden”?

These both are style properties.

  • display: none: This doesn’t allocate any space and removes the element entirely from the page which means the does not appear at all though it remains in the source code.
  • visibility: hidden: The tag is not visible (hidden) on the page but the space is allocated unlike display:none

When will you use CSS float in CSS?

CSS float is a quite commonly used property. It specifies how the element should be placed – either left or right of the container making the text and other elements wrap around it.

Difference between div and span?

Div is used to block the particular row and span is used to block particular space for the word,content an image.

There are three types of stylesheets present in CSS.They are, List types of stylesheets in CSS.

  • Inline stylesheet
  • Internal Stylesheet
  • External stylesheet

What are the advantages of CSS?

There are a number of advantages of CSS,

  • It gives lots of flexibility for setting the properties of the element
  • Easy maintenance
  • It allows separation of content of the HTML document from the style and layout of the content basically
  • Loading of pages at a faster pace
  • Compatibility with multiple device
  • Increases the website’s adaptability and makes it compatible to future browsers

What is the purpose of the z-index and how is it used?

The z-index helps specify the stack order of positioned elements that may overlap one another. The z-index default value is zero, and can take on either a positive or negative number.

Comment on the Case-sensitivity of CSS ?

Basically it is not case sensitive but the class names are considered as case sensitive in HTML 4.01 nevertheless font families, URL’s of images, etc is. Only when XML declarations along with XHTML DOCTYPE are being used on the page, CSS is case -sensitive.

What are different types of heading are supported by HTML?

HTML supports 6 types of heading tags they are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. H1 is the highest and most important heading tag.

What is the difference between HTML5 interaction in Sencha and Twitter/Bootstrap?

Sencha and Twitter/Bootstrap are both HTML development frameworks that integrate HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The major difference is that in Sencha, the three languages are all comingled together in code, whereas in Bootstrap, HTML and CSS and decoupled.

What is an empty tag?

HTML elements with no content are called empty elements or empty tag.

How will you differentiate in these two? HTML 5 and HTML.

Don’t panic after listening to this question as HTML5 is the advanced version of the HTML. It incorporates the couple of new features like as Audio, Video, date select function, Audio/mp3, placeholder, 2D/3D Graphics, Canvas, Local SQL Database that is added with the goal that no external plugin such as Flash player or another library has to be done.

Mention the main platform or language that is used for website designing?

  • The principle language utilized for web-designing are:
  • JavaScript: Functionality
  • CSS: Styling
  • HTML: Base format
  • PHP: Server-side script

Why do you want to be a Web Designer?

Ensure that you don’t answer this question in context with money. Don’t consider saying that it was a career that is laid out by the aptitude test. A questioner is intrigued to realize that the business truly inspires you. Do this by sharing the intriguing story that helped you find your enthusiasm for website designing.

What is a CSS File? What is the purpose of its use

CSS, for the most part, remains for “Cascading Style Sheets.” CSS help to control and oversee text dimensions, textual style styles and site shading blends that are utilized as a part of a site page. CSS records roll out worldwide appearance improvements simple a solitary change in CSS document will imply that any pages are using that CSS record will naturally show the progressions.

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