About Us


The transformation of information technology and the availability of unrealistic overflowing content in online forums led us to establish the GYANSHARE. We aim to collect, refine, and provide essential information to you so that you can avoid baseless irrelevant, and untruthful information.

Our motto is to disclose every important educational and informative message to you for your awareness. We catch the latest topics related to developments, news, education, trending issues, Moral Story For Kids, Creative Ideas, General Knowledge, How to Start, Motivational Speech, Health Tips, technology enhancement, competitive exams preparation, current affairs, and fitness to provide you the realistic and reliable information through our web content.

We, at GYANSHARE, believe that sharing knowledge can make several positive changes in people. Hence, we are abided to let our mission go ahead enhancing the knowledge, making the perception, and transforming the lives of many.