9 Riddles Only People with High IQ Can Solve

Get ready for a new portion of amazing riddles/puzzles to solve in which you will need to apply all your logical and detective/investigative skills. This is a tough challenge, but if you’re up to it, let’s get started!

After each puzzle, you will have 20 seconds to find the solution. However, if you need more time, don’t be shy, just pause the video.

Idiot Test – 90% Fail

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Post Name9 Riddles Only People with High IQ Can Solve
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9 Riddles Only People with High IQ Can Solve

  • Your task is as follows: Empty one jar of milk and one jar of water into a bowl.
  • Guess how John managed to stay underwater 2 minutes longer than the magician.
  • How could Sam have shot himself with real bullets but survived unharmed?
  • If we select 40 random people from the phone directory or book, how many people will not have their numbers listed?
  • Can you figure out how to cut a cake into 8 perfectly equal pieces with just three cuts?
  • Why did the blind man commit suicide despite the success of his surgery?
  • What’s the one thing you can buy to have something to eat, something to drink, something to feed a cow, or something to plant in the garden?
  • Which death did the intelligent person choose to save himself?
  • Is there a possible way for one of them to survive if one of them is shot with a gun and the other falls into the abyss? Who will actually die?

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