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9 February history of India and the world


Let us know some important events of February 9, knowing that your general knowledge will increase. On February 9 many events took place in India and the world, which are named in the pages of history(history of India and world ), and often you all must have read about many of these historical events related to the history that took place on February 09 With respect to the history of November, let us know what special events happened in the current history of the country and the world on this day. Know what happened on February 9 in Indian History( Historical Events) and World History.

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Historical Events

List of important historical events of 9 February

The yearIncident
1649Democracy began in Britain and Oliver Cromwell became President.
1742Sir Robert Walpole, often referred to as the first British Prime Minister, was accepted as the First Earl of Orford.
1775Britain declared its American colony of Massachusetts as a rebel.
1775The British Parliament declared the Massachusetts Colony as a rebel.
1801The Treaty of Linville ended the Second Alliance War between France and Austria. The city of Aachen was officially annexed by France under the terms of the treaty.
1813Prussia abolished the canton system.
1821Columbia College was established in the District of Columbia by President Monroe.
1824The famous nineteenth-century Bengali poet and playwright Michael Madhusudan Dutta embraced Christianity.
1832The Florida Legislative Council provided a city charter for Jacksonville, Florida.
1846German engineer Wilhelm Maybach was born to the luxury car brand Maybach.
1871The Federal Fish Conservation Office was authorized by the US Congress.
1895W. G. Morgan invented volleyball.
1931For the first time in India, a stamp with a picture was released in honor of a person.
1931The South Wales mining strike ended after a three-year peace deal.
1934Former President Gaston Domergue became Prime Minister of France.
1951In independent India, the task of making a list for the first census was started.
1961The Beatles first performed at the Kevin Club.
1970Great Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath was born. He took 563 wickets in 124 Tests and 381 wickets in 250 ODIs.
1971Apollo 14 mission returned to Earth from the moon.
1975The Russian spacecraft Soyuz 17 returned to Earth 29 days later from space.
1979The constitution was changed in the African country of Nigeria.
1992In Algeria’s parliamentary elections, after the overwhelming success of the faction of the Islamic trend, the incumbent soldiers canceled the results of the elections and declared the Algerian Islamic Liberation Front illegal.
2007Pakistan’s opposition party Jamayati Ulema Islami removed Jinnah from the list of the freedom fighters.
2016In a train collision in Bavaria province of Germany, 12 people died and 85 others were injured.

09 February Famous People Birth

  • Rahul Sankrityayan, a leading Hindi writer, was born.
  • Famous Sarod Vadika Sharan Rani was born.

Famous Person Death on 09 February

  • Nawab Ali Vardi Khan of Bengal died.
  • First female leader Durgabai Deshmukh passes away.

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