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8 Profitable “Pandemic-Created” Business Ideas for 2020 | Future Business Ideas

8 Profitable “Pandemic-Created” Business Ideas

Earlier this year, as the global Coronavirus crisis began to unfold, the way we live, work and do business changed dramatically and rapidly. This change created new opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

(1) Deep cleaning services
Deep cleaning services differ from regular cleaning services because they include access to deep dirt and grime in offices and homes, and cover areas that are not traditionally covered by regular cleaning services, for example. Washing curtains, blinds, full and deep dust for all rooms, corners, furniture and even doors and door handles, sterilizing computers, IT terminal devices, phones and other common equipment.
Demand for deep cleaning services is likely to continue to rise as companies prepare for employees and customers to return to offices on a more regular basis.

(2) IT consulting and cyber security
The Internet is one of the innovations that changed the world. But as useful as the internet has been, it has also caused a lot of problems as cybercrime is now being committed by individuals or groups of people. Starting a business in cybersecurity is a lucrative business to enter because individuals, companies, and government need to protect their data. However, to start this type of business, you will need to possess the technical skills to secure data or stop an ongoing attack of your customer.

(3) Driving Film Plays
Cinemas are one of the most bizarre small business categories that have seen success recently in the coronavirus era. Auto theaters owners in California, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri recently told the Los Angeles Times that business has increased in light of the coronavirus. While it is not clear whether these theaters will remain open because many “non-core businesses” are closed, the coronavirus crisis may energize these types of businesses in a new period as distancing from you is encouraged.

(4) Film / studio design consultancy services
Everything is online, all calls happen through Zoom nowadays. Nobody wants to use an old-fashioned camera in a darkroom to showcase a product, for example. Businesses and individuals spend thousands of dollars creating their own video calling and conferencing studio to look professional

(5) Virtual personal training
Between gym closures and remote work orders, it has become easier for many people around the world to stay stable and gain a few extra pounds. Now, people are looking to shed body fat and may need more personal accountability and guidance than a home exercise app or group fitness class can provide.
Virtual Personal Trainers can deliver one-on-one sessions via videoconferencing and work with clients from the comfort of their homes. They can also share digital guides with exercises and meal plans, and provide text or email support to clients in between workouts.

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