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7 Google SEO Trends/Ranking Factors to watch in 2021 (Step-By-Step)

7 Google SEO Trends/Ranking Factors

Google changes its algorithm several thousand times a year. But many of those updates are small which does not greatly affect our rankings, and some of the updates are very large which greatly affects our rankings.

In such a situation, if you know about the history of Google updates, then you would know that Google follows a fairly predictable pattern. In such a situation, it is very difficult for blogs to use techniques like Black Hat or Gray Hat.

Here are seven ranking factors / SEO trends to watch in 2021 –

1. New user-experience metrics will affect rankings.
2. Mobile-first-indexing will be forced on all websites.
3. Artificial intelligence will rule all discoveries.
4. EAT factors will play a big role.
5. Local SEO will become increasingly complex.
6. Structured data will be unavoidable.
7. Google will go to great lengths to satisfy the intent.

So, these are the seven SEO trends to watch in 2021.

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