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7 beautiful beaches in Australia that you can’t miss – Best Travel Packages

Beaches are an integral part of modern and colorful lifestyles and the most beautiful places(most beautiful beaches in Australia) to enjoy, relax, swim and relax. It is a lovely place that makes us feel the world of happiness and one of the most beautiful creations of nature that no creature on earth can ignore.

Beaches are probably an ideal place for those who are victims of corporate burdens, mental stress, family responsibilities, and emotional breakdowns. They find serenity and happiness in a single moment of their lives by spending a lot of time on the beach. And that is the most beautiful on the beach.

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7 beautiful beaches in Australia that you can’t miss

Here, you will find the right guide for the most loving beaches in the land of kangaroos mentioned below.

Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Western Australia

Cottesloe Beach has been one of the fabulous beach destinations for swimming, relaxing and enjoying for over a hundred years for local Perth residents. It is located in the city of Cottesloe, famous for its pizzas, seafood, Sunday sessions with live music, coffee shops, surf clothing stores, relaxed lifestyle and Napoleon Street. People love spending a lot of time here watching the sunset, enjoying drinks and relaxing for a whole day. It is not just a fascinating beach, but much more to explore about beauty and a relaxed lifestyle. Every time you visit this fascinating beach, try not to miss the exhibition of sculptures by the sea and make sandcastles with aromatic and moist sand. In addition, you can relax your eyes and soul by seeing the beauty of this beach.

Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland

Coolangatta Beach reminds me of a memorable moment in my life when I proposed to Caz in 2001. Fortunately, she said yes! And we celebrate that moment enjoying this beautiful beach. It has been special in our hearts for many years and we often visit this beach to remember our love moments. It’s an amazing beach, and everywhere you see people go out and enjoy their day with great enthusiasm, surf world-class breaks, skateboarding, biking, jogging or walking and immaculately walking along the beach trails, attend yoga and tai chi classes or personal fitness classes in the parks next to the beach and groups of children running through the playgrounds. This vibrant nature of this beach entertains all beach lovers throughout the day.

Mindil Beach, Darwin, Northern Territory

I’ve only been to Mindil Beach once in my life and hypnotized by the incredible horizontal sunset parallel to my eyes on the beach. It was different from any sunset I’ve seen before with an impressive pink tint. I also visited the Mindil Beach Sunset Market and it was a fabulous experience. It is a modern market that has more than 200 luxury stalls. If you ever visit this place, do not miss the opportunity to visit this market at sunset and, if you arrive in Darwin, do not miss the sunsets of Mindil Beach!

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Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, NSW

A beach named after the Watego family that helped shape this beach on a fascinating beach. It is located near the city center of Byron Bay, which is a coastal city. Wategos Beach is a fantastic place to have fun and a fabulous picnic spot for families and children. It is famous for surfing, diving sites, seafood and nearby attractive destinations, such as the Cape Byron Lighthouse, the Cape Byron hiking trail, the Cape Byron information center, and the lighthouse tours. You can visit here and enjoy your day with your family.

Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Mooloolaba beach is one of the most rewarding creations of nature that represents the infinite beauty of nature. He is well known for his natural and architectural formation that is unique. The most rewarding image can be captured in the camera from 400 meters high in the sky. As a coastal city, Mooloolaba is hard to beat in swimming, surfing, cafes, restaurants, parks, barbecue areas, playgrounds and the best promenades along the beach.

Yallingup Beach, Margaret River, Western Australia

Yallingup is a few hours drive south of Perth, near the world-famous Margaret River wine region. This beach blew my mind. It is an absolutely stunning experience with a protected lagoon, calm waters, and a great small-town atmosphere. Just look at the color of that water and you will be hypnotized just by seeing and meditating on the tranquility of the water. Be sure to visit this beach every time you visit Western Australia.

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Woorim Beach, Bribie Island

This is a family beach located in Brisbane. You can find a very pleasant environment to enjoy your vacation with your friends or family. Gently rolling and humming small waves and aromatic sand is the reason behind the pleasant atmosphere. There is a small surf school that is the central point of attraction for children and for those who love to learn to surf on the beach.

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