5 Creative Ideas for MasterChef Food Garnishes & Arts

Fruity Freshy Juicy YT Channel is truly inspired by Masterchef, Gordon Ramsay. @FruityFreshyJuicy was very impressed with his cooking talent. Well, FFJ came up with the idea of making some DIY videos regarding food decorations/garnishes.

@FFJ realized that it might take some time to create an inspiring design for the original recipes, but she had to do it because it could be useful for her Masterchef Challenges as well as for her upcoming food arrangements. For more creative ideas and tricks, please subscribe to the channel.

  • Decorate the beautiful rose flower with radishes, bell peppers, cucumbers and celery
  • How to make tomato swans with beautiful floral decorating ideas
  • Decorate with luxurious roses and green cucumbers
  • Zucchini flower design with ribbons for decoration
  • How to decorate butterflies with flower and leaf designs

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5 Creative Ideas for MasterChef Food Garnishes & Arts @FruityFreshyJuicy

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  1. 👉Required tools:
  2. 🌼 Cutting board
  3. 🌼 Kitchen knife
  4. 🌼 Fruit carving knife
  5. 🌼 Veggie chopper/peeler/slicer/knife
  6. 🌼 Tooth sticks, etc.
  • मास्टरशेफ फूड गार्निश और आर्ट्स के लिए रचनात्मक विचार
  • MasterChef 음식 장식 및 예술을 위한 창의적인 아이디어
  • MasterChef フードガーニッシュ&アーツのクリエイティブなアイデア
  • Idéias criativas para guarnições e artes gastronômicas do MasterChef

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