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30+ best tips for a better and healthier life – Health Tips

A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body … The saying is old but is completely true. By the way, if we include some things in our routine and follow some rules, then we can keep ourselves fit more easily. Know a few important things for this – healthier life:

30+ best tips for a better and healthier life – Health Tips

  1. Do light exercise and have a healthy breakfast.
  2. Never bring the office at home. Pressure there, leave the tension there. Enjoy with your family.
  3. Update your to-do list daily, that is, make a list of whatever work you have to do throughout the day.
  4. Eat always chew and eat it comfortably, it will be good for your health and digestive power.
  5. Develop a reading Habit, that is, read a good book, good literature every day. This will not only increase your knowledge but will also increase creativity by making you positive.
  6. Read the newspaper or watch the news, so that your information is updated.
  7. While sitting, take care not to sit with your legs crossed, this causes an obstruction in blood circulation, due to which there are problems of back pain, waist pain, and varicose veins and spider veins.
  8. It would be better to sit with your ankle crossed instead of knees.
  9. Do not wear very high heels. Wearing heels more than 2 inches can damage your health.
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  11. Do not work continuously on a computer, this affects the eyes, shoulders, and neck. Take frequent breaks. Close the eyes for a few seconds and relax by rotating the neck and shoulders as well.
  12. Always stay busy on your mobile. When with family or going on a walk, it is better to switch off the mobile.
  13. Take care of hygiene. From oral to personal hygiene is very important not only for your personality but also for good health.
  14. Before eating food and before cooking, also wash hands with soap.
  15. Keep hands or handkerchiefs while coughing and sneezing.
  16. Don’t forget to brush before sleeping.
  17. Ventilation in the house should be good. Keep the windows open during the day, so that there are fresh air and plenty of light. Use AC only when needed and get it cleaned from time to time.
  18. Stop interrupting everything or removing the mistakes of others. This will increase your irritability and people will consider you a negative person.
  19. While messaging people often read or type messages on the phone with bending their neck, but this method is wrong. This causes a stiff neck and may cause pain.
  20. Eat less junk food. It not only increases obesity but also contains cancer-causing elements.
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  22. Often people use their hairpins, pens or pencils to clean their ears, while this can be dangerous. The safest method is to clean the ear by wrapping towels on the little finger or use ear drops.
  23. Follow a healthy lifestyle to keep your weight under control. If you are obese, pay attention to the risk factors associated with it, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke or heart disease.
  24. Every person’s need and body clock is different, plan the diet and exercise accordingly. Make a chart of your week-long diet plan.
  25. Reduce the number of saturated fats and trance fats from your diet. Reduce red meat, dairy products, fried and baked food, candies and processed food.
  26. Take different proteins. You will find these in beans, nuts, seeds, tofu, soy products. Also take calcium-rich foods, such as milk, buttermilk, and curd. Apart from this, green leafy vegetables are also a good source of calcium.
  27. Avoid overeating. Always eat only a little less than your appetite. Often we eat more after seeing our favorite food but do not do it.
  28. Do not eat too many pen killers. Often, we eat any painkiller as soon as there is a headache or a bad headache, which can be harmful. It would be better to try a home remedy or seek the advice of a doctor.
  29. Get massaged on weekends. This will also reduce fatigue and improve blood circulation.
  30. Plan holidays and go to the outstation, because not only do you refresh by changing air and water, but also stomach diseases are reduced.
  31. Try to improve yourself daily. Everyone gets to learn something or the other. Learn from others and also from your mistakes and try to make yourself a better person.
  32. Focus on your qualities and hobbies. Get your positive things in front of people.
  33. Always be ready to help others. This will also increase your confidence and satisfaction in your mind.
  34. Pampering yourself is also very good sometimes. Take time for yourself. Take a vacation and spend the whole day according to yourself. Take a walk, go shopping or watch a movie. This will make you refreshed.
  35. Not everyone gets everything in life. Instead of crying in the hope of what was not found, appreciate what you have got.
  36. Do not unnecessarily advise others to prove themselves very knowledgeable. Instead of giving advice, listen to their problem, understand it and help as much as possible.
  37. Learn to love yourself. Do not lose your identity in an attempt to be like others or imitate them. Whatever you are, you are good. Do correct your shortcomings, but do not underestimate yourself.

Workout workout

In the walk, we usually walk 40-50 steps in 1 minute, about 80 steps in the brisk walk and about 160 steps in jogging. Do 30-45 minutes of cardio exercise (brisk walk, aerobics, swimming, cycling, jogging, etc.) 5 days a week. Do 5 minutes of warm-up before starting the exercise and 5 minutes of cool down after finishing.

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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