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26 November history of India and world – Historical Events

Let us know some important events of November 26, knowing that your general knowledge will increase. On November 26 many events took place in India and the world, which are named in the pages of history(history of India and world ), and often you all must have read about many of these historical events related to the history that took place on November 26 With respect to the history of November, let us know what special events happened in the current history of the country and the world on this day. Know what happened on November 26 in Indian History( history of India and world ) and World History.

25 November history of India and world – Historical Events


List of important historical events of 26 November:

The yearIncident / incident / account
1527Pope Clemens VII made a pact with Emperor Carol the First.
1688King Louis Fourteenth of France declared war against the Netherlands.
1716First lion shown in Boston in America
1741Franco-Bavarian troops commanded the Maurice of Saxony Hurricane Prague.
1764France prohibited the Jesuit Anord.
1784The Roman Catholic Apostolic Prefecture was established in the United States.
1805The Pontcisille Aqueduct opened in Wales, is 1,007 ft (307 m) long and 126 ft (38 m) long.
1825The first college community was established (Kappa Alpha (Union College, New York)).
1842University of Notre Dame was established.
1851Telegraph connection started between London and Paris.
1867The first customized environment rail car was patented by JB Sutherland of Detroit.
1885The meteorite was photographed for the first time.
1894German mathematician and physicist Henry Rodlak Hertz died at the age of 37.
1921Verghese Kurien, the father of the country’s white revolution, was born.
1948The world’s first Polaroid camera sold in Boston, USA.
1949The Constitution of Azad India was signed by the President of the Constituent Assembly.
1949The Constituent Assembly of India adopted the constitution.
1960Telephone STD service started between Lucknow and Kanpur for the first time in India.
1966The world’s first tidal power plant started functioning at the mouth of France’s Rance River.
1967A cloudburst in Lisbon killed about 450 people.
1976The Warsaw Pact Organization Joint Secretariat was established.
1983Armed dacoits looted 250 million pounds of gold at London’s Heathrow Airport.
1990British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher submitted her resignation to the Queen of Britain.
2008Terrorists attacked many places in Mumbai including Taj Hotel. 164 people died in this attack.
2012Arvind Kejriwal formed a new political party called Aam Aadmi Party.

Historical events of 26 November

  • In 1885, the meteor was first filmed.
  • Howard Carter and May Carnarvon became the first to break through a 2,000-year-old pyramid in 1922.
  • The great cricketer Sir Don Bradman scored 10,000 bets in first-class cricket in “1932”.
  • An explosion in Lisbon killed 450 people.
  • Iraq and the US established Qutol relations in “1984”.

25 November history of India and world – Historical Events

  • In 1996, the US space agency NASA sent the Mars Global Survey spacecraft to space to explore the possibilities of life on Mars.
  • Two judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan spent the main aspect in “1997”.
  • Cambodia’s current Prime Minister Hansen was officially reappointed as the country’s new Prime Minister in “1998”.
  • Tony Blair became the first British Prime Minister to address Ireland’s parliament in 1998.
  • Winston Churchill was voted Britain’s top citizen in the 2002 BBC poll.
  • The bomb in Iraq in 2006 killed 202 people.
  • Arvind Kejriwal formed a new political party.

Celebrity born on 26 November

  • The famous and educational historian of India, Ram Sharan Sharma, was born in “1919”.
  • Fergus Corian, a famous industrialist, and father of the White Revolution were born in “1921”.
  • American cartoonist Charles M. was born. Schultz in 1922.
  • Famous cinematographer of Indian films V.K. Murthy was born in “1923”.
  • Yashpal (a scientist) was born in India in 1926.
  • A famous politician, Ravi Rai, former Lok Sabha president, was born in 1926.
  • The famous writer, poet, linguist, and editor of Naturam Lovers was born in “1881”.

Celebrity Death on November 26

  • Indian politician and poet Shankar Dayal Singh died in “1995”.
  • The famous historian Tapan Rai Chaudhary died in “2014”.

Important Events and Celebrations on November 26

  • World Environment Day
  • Law Day
  • National Constitution Day

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

25 November history of India and world – Historical Events

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